Biggest Climbing Gyms in the US: Official List



4. Mesa Rim

Wall Size: 31,000 sq.ft.
Location: San Diego, California
Wall Builder: Rockwerx

Mesa Rim is the only gym from the west coast to make it on to the top ten. But they are so modest that they only claim to be the “largest in San Diego”; they can now change their claim to “largest west of the Mississippi River”. All of that wall space is tucked smartly into a 19,800 sq. ft. building, conveniently located down the block from two micro breweries!

Mesa Rim may be big, but they are better known for being one of the best at engaging their members with their many fitness and yoga classes, friday night fundraisers and generous support of local youth and community groups. Though not as known to the public they are also excellent at taking care of their employees and their community. Often you can find the management “team building” by skydiving or rapping off of skyscrapers for a good cause. If more gyms followed their example and took better care of their people, our industry would be a better place to work in.

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