Climbing Holds, Macros and Volumes


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MEMBERSCOMPANYTYPEMATERIALSMANUFACTURERSHEADQUARTERS Holds, PECompXBulgariaEurope Elastomers, holdsPUAragonUSA - Louisville, COUSA Holds, macros, volumesPU, PE, fiberglass, wood360, CompXFrance - LyonEurope Volumes - WarsawEurope Holds Holds, ABSBinaryCanada - SE Calgary, ABCanada Climbing Equipment, manufacturer, holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodBlocz, ProxyGermany - ChemnitzEurope Climbing, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, wood360, Blocz, ProxyGermany - BlaubeurenEurope Climbing (formerly Blocz Distribution), holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodBlocz, Aragon, 360, CompX, ProxyUSA - Los Angeles, CAUSA Special, macrosPU, fiberglassBloczGermanyEurope Climbing Community - Kamloops, BCCanada Climbing, macrosPU, fiberglassKiev, UkraineFrance - ReimsEurope Climbing, volumesPUUSA - Louisville, COUSA Climbing Climbing, macrosPU, fiberglassTackUSA - Tempe, AZUSA Climbinghttps://epclimbing.commanufacturer, holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodEntre-PrisesUSA - Bend, ORUSA Climbing, macros, volumesMinnesotaUSA Holds, macros, volumesPU, PE, fiberglass, woodCompXFrance - Crac'hEurope Holds, PUCompXBulgariaEurope, macros, volumesPU, fiberglassAragon, CompXSwitzerland - MoutierEurope, ChatttanoogaUSA Industries, board systemPUUSA - Salt Lake City, UTUSA Holds - Minneapolis, MNUSA Climbing, holdsPUProxyUSAUSA, CompXUSA - Boulder, COUSA Holds, macrosPU, fiberglassBloczSpain - NavarraEurope, holds, volumesPU, PE, fiberglass, woodCompXBulgariaEurope Holds, volumesPECompXBulgariaEurope Climbing Gripshttps://settercloset.comholds, macros, volumes, board systemPU, fiberglass, wood, ABSAragon, CompX, Walltopia, BinaryUSA - Boulder, COUSA Action Towers, volumes, cracksUSA - CO - LouisvilleUSA Climbing, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodAragonUSA - Minneapolis, MNUSA, volumeswood, fiberglass360Slovenia - BačEurope Wood Distribution, macrosfiberglassUSA - MO - MarcelineUSA & Formik, ProxyUSAUSA - BačAsia, macrosGermanyEurope, volumeswood, fiberglass360Slovenia - BačEurope, macros, volumesPU, PE, fiberglass, wood360, CompX, SimplUnited Kingdom - HullEurope Volumes - Avon, MAUSA Climbing - Barre, MAUSA ill, macros, volumesPU, wood, fiberglassPeak Performance Polymers, 360USA - St. Louis, MOUSA Climbing Lab, holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodUSA - San Diego, CAUSA Volumes - Marceline, MOUSA - UtahUSA'r Climbing, macros, volumesPE, PU, fiberglass, woodFranceEurope Handholds, board systemwoodself-producedUSA - Denver, COUSA Hold Room, macros, volumes, distributorUSA - AZ Seeker Holds, macrosPU, fiberglassCompXBulgaria - MontanaEurope To Climb system, holds, volumesPU, wood360Slovenia - BačEurope Holds, macrosPU, PE, fiberglass, ABS (recycled), GRU (polyfiber)Peak Performance Polymers, Binary, KastlineUSA - Lafayette, COUSA Holds, macrosPU, fiberglassBloczNetherlands - AmsterdamEurope Plastix, CompXUSA - Boulder, COUSA Holds, macrosPU, fiberglassAragonSloveniaEurope, manufacturer, macros, volumesfiberglass, woodWalltopiaBulgaria - SofiaEurope
180 Degreeshttps://www.180-degres.comvolumeswoodFrance - PrayssacEurope
23 Holds - LjubljanaEurope
360 Holdshttps://www.360holds.comdistributor, manufacturer, holds, macrosPU, fiberglass360Slovenia - BačEurope
3D Climbing Holds - OddaEurope
515 Climbing Holds, volumes
AAP Climbinghttps://aap-climbing.nldistributorNetherlandsEurope
Abstract Climbing - Salt Lake City, UTUSA
AG Holdshttps://www.agholds.comholdsPUChina - ZHEJIANGAsia
Agripp, macros, volumesPU, PE, wood, fiberglassCompXBelgium - BruxellesEurope
AIX Climbing Holds, volumesPU, PE, wood, fiberglassCompXCzech Republic - PragueEurope
Alienhttps://www.alienholds.comholdsPE, quartz sandUK-Blackhorse, ExeterEurope
Allgaeu Holds - ErkheimEurope
allHolds, macrosPUallHoldsGermanyEurope
Altius, volumes, walls IranAsia
Anatomic, volumes, macrosPU, fiberglass,woodSlovakia - LehotaEurope
ARC Gripshttps://arcgrips.comholdsPUCompXUSA - Meriden, CTUSA
Arctic Grips - TrondheimEurope
Art Rock - JenbachOceania
Artemis Climbing
Atomik Climbing Holds, drytoolPUself-producedUSA - Provo, UTUSA
Atxarte Climbing
Axis Round Edges, macrosPU, PE, fiberglass, woodSchlambergerNetherlands - RotterdamEurope
Banana Volumeshttps://www.banana-volumes.comvolumeswood
BaRockahttps://barocka.comwalls, holds, volumes
Baton Holds KingdomEurope
BavariaHoldshttps://www.bavariaholds.comholds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodGermany - MurnauEurope
Beacon Climbing Holds, PECompXUK - CaernarfonEurope
Beastmaker, metalUK - SheffieldEurope
Big Red Climbing
BLOCKHELDEN Productionsłuchołazy, PolandEurope
Bolt Holds, macrosPU, fiberglassself-producedBrazilLatin America
Breadhouse Climbinghttps://breadhouseclimbing.caholdsPLA, woodself-produced
Bucardo Climbing
Capital Climbing - Irmo, SCUSA
Captain Crux
Catalyst Grips - Mt. Hood, ORUSA
Chao Climbing
Cheeta Holds, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodCompX, Xcult, 360FranceEurope
Citrus Holds
Climb Freewood, macros wood, fiberglassself-producedIndonesia-Badung CityAsia
Climb It Holds
Climbing Gym Heaven, holds, macros, volumesPE, wood, fiberglassself-producedSloveniaEurope
Community Climbing Equipment - ChemnitzEurope
Composite-X, holdsPU, PECompXBulgaria - SofiaEurope
Contact Holds - SheffieldEurope
Core Climbing, fiberglassself-producedUnited KingdomEurope
Cosmic Grips
Crackable Climbing
Crusher Holds Kingdom - PrestonEurope
Crux, macros, volumesPU, wood Brazil - LondrinaSouth America
Custom Holdshttps://customholds.comholdsUK - HampshireEurope
Cyber Crack, metalUSAUSA
Decoy Holdshttp://decoy-holds.comholdsPUPeak Performance PolymersUSA - Meriden, CTUSA
Delta Volumes, macroswood, fiberglass
Didaks Climbing Holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodCompXSpain - BarcelonaEurope
Digit Climbing - Montréal
Dimension Volumes
Driftless Holds
Duck Holdshttp://duckholds.comholds
Element Earth 3D - Fort Collins, COUSA
Ember Holdshttp://emberholds.comholdsPU, woodself-producedItaly - PerugiaEurope
Endure - Richmond, VAUSA
ENIX Climbinghttps://enix-climbing.myshopify.comholdsPUAragonUSAUSA
Entropy Holds - GorliceEurope
Ergoholds - SkellefteåEurope
Escape Rock Climbing Holds, manufacturer, holds, volumesPU, woodEscapeUSA - MNUSA
Euro Holds, holds, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodEuro HoldsSpain - ValenciaEurope
Fábrica de Formas - CuritibaLatin America
Falkors Climbing Solution, fiberglass, woodLatviaEurope
FAT CAPhttps://fatcap.official.echolds
Filth, PE, Woodself-producedUnited Kingdom - SheffieldEurope
Flame Holds
Freestone, volumesFrance - Saint BaldophEurope
Friction Climbing - St. Paul, MNUSA
Furnace Industries Dry Tooling, PUUSA - Paltz, NYUSA
Fusion Climbing Holdshttp://fusionclimbing.comholdsPUEscapeUSAUSA
Galaxy Climbing
Gekko Holdshttps://www.gecko-holds.comholds, volumesPU
Giant Grips, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodCODESouth Korea - SeoulAsia
Globe Climbing - Boucherville, QuebecCanada
Glow Holds
God Hand Climbing Holds - Kawasaki, KanagawaAsia
GPR Presas Climbing Holds
Gravity Blocks, macrosfiberglassIsrael
Gringa Agarras, macrosPE, fiberglassBrazil - LagunaSouth America
GripZhttps://www.gripz.ukdistributor, holds, macros, volumesPU, wood, fiberglassUnited KingdomEurope
Grit Climb, volumeswoodSweden - ÖstersundEurope
Gubbies https://www.gubbies.comholds PUDenmark - HasselagerEurope
Hangdog Holds - Edmonton, AB
Hard Wood Holds KingdomEurope
Hold Emporium, woodself-produced
Holding Grips, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodGermany - RosenheimEurope
Holds Markethttps://www.holds.frmanufacturer, distributorPU, wood, fiberglassFrance - CrachEurope
Holds Market, wood, fiberglassCzech Republic - Prague Europe
Holdz, volumesPU, woodCompXUnited Kingdom - HorburyEurope
Ibex Climbing Holds - AthensEurope
Imitation Climbing Holds Kingdom - DurhamEurope
Impact - MiltonCanada
Incurvo Climbing Holdshttps://incurvo-holds.comholdsPU, PEself-produced
Industry Macroshttps://www.industrymacros.comdistributor, holds, macrosPU, fiberglassCanadaCanada
Ino' Holds
Jam Walls
Jnb Fingerboard Factory
Joker Holds, volumesColumbia - Ibague
JZN Holds - TexasUSA
Kai Climb, volumesPE, fiberglassGermany - WiesbadenEurope
Kandi Holds, volumesTurkey -İstanbul
Kando Holds, volumesPU, woodCompX, self-producedItaly - FoggiaEurope
Kegan Minock
Kingdom Climbing, CompXUSAUSA
Kitka Climbing, PECompXFinland - OuluEurope
Kong Running - CumbriaEurope
Lama Holds Republic - Jablonec nad NisouEurope
Lapis Holds, fiberglassSchlamberger
Legacy Ascension, CompX, TackUSAUSA
Level Climbing - Salt Lake City, UTUSA
Lithic Climbinghttps://www.lithicclimbing.comholdsself-producedUSA - Charlotte, MIUSA
Lock Holdshttps://www.lockclimbing.comholdswoodself-producedUK - Peak District National ParkEurope
Logic Holds
Magalahttps://magalaclimbingholds.comholdswoodself-producedFrance - L'HermEurope
Magus Climbing Holdshttps://magus-holds.weebly.comholdsPUself-producedJapan - NikkoAsia
Makak Climbing Holds RepublicEurope
Maligno Holds America
MAX Holdshttps://www.maxholds.coholdsIran - Tehran
Megalith, volumesPUProxyUSA - UtahUSA
Megality, volumes
Merkaba Climbing - Puerto RicoUSA
Method Grips
Metolius Climbing, PE, metal, woodself-producedUSA - Bend, ORUSA
Meuse Climbing Holdshttp://meuseclimbingholds.comholdsUSA - Newburyport, MAUSA
Mimic Holds
Mock Rock Climbing Holds Kingdom - NottinghamEurope
Moon Climbing, board systemPU, woodUnited Kingdom - SheffieldEurope
Morpho Volumes and Holds, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodMorphoSlovenia - KranjEurope
Movement Factoryhttps://movementholds.comholds, macrosPU, fiberglass, wood
Muerta Climbing Holds
Nature Climbing, stoneself-producedDenmark - AarhusEurope
Nicros Climbing Holds, volumesPU, PEUSAUSA
Nomad Volumes
NR Holds, reconditionFranceEurope
Ocelot Grips
Ocun RepublicEurope
On Bloc - DusseldorfEurope
On Site Climbing Holds - Salt Lake City, UTUSA
Original Flavor Climbing - PennsylvaniaUSA
Osm' Ose - St Vincent de MercuzeEurope
Peak Performance Polymers, holdsPUPeak Performance PolymersUSA - OHUSA
Pebble and Egghttps://www.pebbleandegg.comholdsself-producedUSA - Springfield, ORUSA
Plantd Climbing - Durham, NCUSA
Plastick Holdshttp://www.plastickholds.comholdsPUself-producedCanada - Montreal, QuebecCanada
Play Climbing Volumeshttps://www.playclimbingvolumes.comvolumeswoodItaly - PescaraEurope
Project Climbing, PU, Fiberglass, woodAustralia
Pusher Holdshttps://www.pusher.worldholdsPUCompXUSAUSA
Quest Climbinghttps://www.questclimbing.caholdsusedCanada
Render Climbinghttps://renderclimbing.comshapingUSAUSA
Rise Holds - Salisbury, SAOceania
Rock Candy Holds Performance PolymersUSA - Akron, OHUSA
Rocky Mountain Climbing Gearhttps://www.rockymountainclimbinggear.comholdsUSA - Coeur d'Alene, IDUSA
Rokodromo Climbing Holds Holds
Rubber Holdshttp://rubberholds.comholdsPUCompXAustralia - Sydney, NSWOceania
Safe Sends, volumes, hold-cleaning, rentalsON - St. CatharinesCanada
Saito Climbing Holds, volumesWood, recycledSpain - BadajozEurope
Salsa Holds BritainEurope
Samsara Climbing - ZiriEurope
San Powerhttps://www.sanpower.infoholds, volumeswood
Satellite, board systemJapanAsia
Schlamberger, holds, macros, volumesSchlambergerSloveniaEurope
Scout Climbing Holds - Columbus, OHUSA
Secret Holdshttps://secretholds.comholdsPUPoland - WarsawEurope
Setter Closethttps://settercloset.comdistributorPU, PE, Wood, fiberglassUSA - Boulder, COUSA
Silicones, Inc
Silly Goat Holds
Simpl. - BačEurope
Snap Holds
Spark Climbing, holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodUSAUSA
Spectrum Sports - North Logan, UTUSA
Squadra, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodAragon, SchlambergerAustria - TyrolEurope
Stax Volumes
Stoneage Climbing Holds - Sacramento, CAUSA
SYC Climbing - OHUSA
Synrock - PennsylvaniaUSA
T - Wall, macrosPU, fiberglass, woodPoland - Kraków Europe
Tambo Climbing Holdshttps://tambo2020.theshop.jpholdsPUJapan
Taylor Made Holdshttps://taylormadeholds.comholdswoodUK - North WalesEurope
Thanatos Holds - Sesquile CundinamarcaLatin America
The Holds Galleryhttps://theholdsgallery.comdistributorSloveniaEurope
Therex Climbing RepublicEurope
Thermoset Solutions - Flint, MIUSA
Third Coast Climbing, volumeswoodUSA - Stoutsville, OHUSA
Three Ball Climbing - Phoenix, AZUSA
Thrill Seeker Climbing Holds, macrosPU, fiberglasscomp XBulgaria - MontanaEurope
Thrive Climbing, macrosPU, fiberglassTackUSA - Colombia, MOUSA
TNUT - Perth, WAAustralia
Toe Jam - Irmo, SCUSA
TP Climbing Holds RepublicEurope
Trickit Holds, macros, volumesPU, fiberglass, woodBulgariaEurope
Tripoint Holds, volumesGermanyEurope
UkrHoldshttps://www.ukrholds.comholds, macrosself-producedUkraineEurope
Under Blue
Unleashedhttps://unleashedclimbing.comholdsPUCompXAustralia - Sydney, NSWOceania
Upah Holds - PortoEurope
Uprising Climbing Holds Zealand - ChristchurchOceania
Usteto Climbing Holds, woodBulgaria - KilifarevoEurope
Venga Holds
Vertex, volumesPUCompXBulgaria - Veliko TarnovoEurope
VirginGrip, volumesPU, woodCzech RepublicEurope
Vision - Louisville, KYUSA
Vola, volumeswoodThailand - BangkokAsia
Voltomic - GrosskarolinenfeldEurope
Volumes by Lezčata RepublicEurope
Volx Holds, PEFranceEurope
Waras Holds - HuarazLatin America
Wataaah, volumes, board systemGermany - Weil der StadtEurope
WideBoyz, rubberself-producedUnited Kingdom - ChesterfieldEurope
WooDoo Holds self-producedAustriaEurope
Working Class, PEAragon, CompXUSAUSA
XCULT Climbing Holds, holdsPE, wood, fiberglassXcultBulgariaEurope
Zemo Woodcraft
Zinger Grips - Memphis, TNUSA
ZiOblock Climbing Holds
Thrill Seeker Holds

Thank you to Noah Rezentes (@GripGeek) for his research to make this resource.