2023 CBJ Grip Showcases

CBJ Grip Showcase

2023 CBJ Grip Showcases

This year we are planning at least these two Grip Showcase events:

  • May 18 in Pittsburgh – held at Iron City Boulders during the official CWA Summit after party – voting will be held online for both onsite and virtual attendees
  • June 24 in Salt Lake City – held at The Front during the Setter Summit – voting process will be held onsite using Pebble



As lifelong fans of routesetting and indoor climbing, the team at CBJ has always celebrated the beautiful holds and creative movements that build the experience we love. Arguably every route on every wall is a piece of functional artwork.

The CBJ Grip Showcase grew from this base appreciation and is rooted in events where industry insiders gather. Decades ago, pro-level competitions realized the value—for both comp sponsors and media aesthetics—of an entire route being composed of holds from the same company. At early CWA Summits, the after parties at The Spot featured branded dynos for fun mini-comps. And at the 2019 Summit in Loveland, the local gym Wooden Mountain took it a step further when they set their entire gym with branded routes—dubbed the Shape Gallery—and CBJ held a vote for the “favorite” brand. This is where the concept behind the Grip Showcase was born. Three years later, the first CBJ Grip Showcase was held at The Front South Main alongside the 2022 CWA Summit.

Grip List Showcase Awards

Each Grip Showcase incorporates a vote, and the winner of the vote earns the Grip List Showcase Award. EP Climbing won the Pittsburgh 2023 vote, and Grizzly Holds won both the Salt Lake City 2022 and Loveland 2019 votes.

EP route at Grip Showcase Pittsburgh

Grizzly Holds 2022 Grip Showcase Salt Lake City

Sponsors of CBJ Grip Showcases: