Grip Showcase Portland: New Climbing Holds and Volumes of Spring 2024

Grip Showcase Portland

Grip Showcase Portland

Congrats to SupR, winner of the CBJ Grip Showcase Portland!

There’s nothing quite like an aesthetic wall in a new climbing gym with a path of fresh, colorful holds leading the way up and a community of climbers looking on, ready to crush…

That was the scene at the Grip Showcase Portland for the official CWA Summit afterparty. Kudos to Portland Rock Gym for hosting a great event and space for all of us industry insiders to hang out and climb! It was awesome to see so many guest setters—many representing the sponsor brands—accompanying the ace in-house team at PRG. Everyone got to check out the first Titan Boulder in the U.S. while enjoying music, drinks, and good friends.

Every hold from every brand was beautiful and professionally made, but we must congratulate SupR for winning the vote for the Grip Showcase Portland Award! Everyone loved climbing on their new Shields family of holds. SupR also won the previous Grip Showcase, so major props are due!

SUPR won the 2024 Grip Showcase Portland

  1. SupR (orange) with 3.401 average and 173 5-star ratings
  2. Unleashed (white) with 3.238 average and 132 5-star ratings
  3. Ocelot (blue) with 3.046 average and 113 5-star ratings
  4. Trango (pink) with 2.914 average and 67 5-star ratings
  5. EP (black) with 2.9111 average and 105 5-star ratings
  6. Unit (yellow) with 2.884 average and 72 5-star ratings
  7. Under Blue Hold (white) with 2.873 average and 72 5-star ratings
  8. 360 (black/white) with 2.763 average and 109 5-star ratings
  9. Grizzly (yellow) with 2.761 average and 98 5-star ratings
  10. HRT (yellow) with 2.746 average and 62 5-star ratings
  11. Walltopia (blue) with 2.743 average and 83 5-star ratings
  12. Method (purple) with 2.692 average and 60 5-star ratings
  13. Digital (green) with 2.649 average and 77 5-star ratings
  14. Secret (yellow) with 2.598 average and 49 5-star ratings
  15. Vola (purple) with 2.572 average and 62 5-star ratings
  16. Binary (clear/black) with 2.565 average and 61 5-star ratings
  17. Kingdom (orange) with 2.442 average and 41 5-star ratings
  18. Escape (blue) with 2.440 average and 36 5-star ratings
  19. Rock Candy (pink) with 2.427 (tie) average and 31 5-star ratings
  20. Thrill Seeker (green) with 2.427 (tie) average and 32 5-star ratings
  21. Nicros (yellow) with 2.375 average and 28 5-star ratings
  22. Lacuna (purple) with 2.297 average and 57 5-star ratings

Special thanks to the multitude of routesetters who crafted the sweet boulders:
Nickolas Gagliardi (head setter), Payton Hansen, Rob Richter, Anna Bifano, Gabe Olson, Gaby Eck, Holly Yu Tung Chen, Joey Jannsen, Gautier Supper, Nate Gerhardt, Simon Margon, Jack, Dean Privett, Anthony Richard and Tom Wojtkowiak.

Don’t miss the next CBJ Grip Showcase, taking place in Salt Lake City at The Front South Main on September 12, during the Setter Summit!

Eldorado Climbing

#1 SupR

Featured holds from SupR:

#2 Unleashed

Featured holds from Unleashed:

#3 Ocelot

Featured holds from Ocelot:

#4 Trango

Featured holds from Trango:

#5 EP

Featured holds from EP:

#6 Unit

Featured holds from Unit:

#7 Under Blue Hold

Featured holds from Under Blue Hold:

#8 360

Featured holds from 360:

#9 Grizzly

Featured holds from Grizzly:

#10 HRT

Featured holds from HRT:

#11 Walltopia

Featured holds from Walltopia:

#12 Method

Featured holds from Method:

#13 Digital

Featured holds from Digital:

#14 Secret

Featured holds from Secret:

#15 Vola

Featured volumes from Vola:

#16 Binary

Featured holds from Binary:

#17 Kingdom

Featured holds from Kingdom:

#18 Escape

Featured holds and volumes from Escape:

#19 (tie) Rock Candy

Featured holds and volumes from Rock Candy:

#19 (tie) Thrill Seeker

Featured holds from Thrill Seeker:

#21 Nicros

Featured holds and volumes from Nicros:

#22 Lacuna

Featured holds from Lacuna:

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