Guidebook for Climbing Industry Professionals

guidebook for climbing industry professionals

Climbing Business Journal has been publishing informative articles and resources for managers of climbing walls since 2013. Below are direct links to over 200 of the best articles and resources by CBJ and CWA. Some of these are labeled as “branded content” but we include them here because they cover valuable topics regardless of their brand affiliation.

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Gyms and Trends 2021 Annual Reportstart-up, expandingCBJCBJ
How to Start a Climbing Gym Part 1: The Ideastart-upVertical SolutionsCBJ
How to Start a Climbing Gym Part 2: Business Planningstart-upVertical SolutionsCBJ
Step by Step: How to Start a Gymstart-upCBJCBJ
Climbing Wall Design Do's and Don'tsstart-upCBJCBJ
Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Wallsstart-upCBJCBJ
The Business of Intelligent and Independent Climbing Gym Designstart-upFuturistCBJ
Franchising - A Unique Approach to Climbing Gym Ownershipstart-upThe Gravity VaultCBJ
Launching a New Gym Case Study: From Lexington Part 1start-upCBJCBJ
Launching a New Gym Case Study: From Lexington Part 2start-upCBJCBJ
Launching a New Gym Case Study: From Lexington Part 3start-upCBJCBJ
Launching a New Gym Case Study: From Lexington - The Property Huntstart-upCBJCBJ
Popping The Topstart-upConnor MillsCBJ
Interior Design Trends in Climbing Gyms: Walltopia's Top Picksstart-upWalltopiaCBJ
Gym Architecture the Italian Waystart-upCBJCBJ
Parks Add Climbing Structuresstart-upEmily AttwoodCBJ
Convince Stakeholders Building A Climbing Gym Is A Good Ideastart-upKristin Horowitz (CWA)CWA
Great Wall Design: What Is It & How To Get Itstart-up, expandingKristin Horowitz (CWA)CWA
Corporate Expansion Part 1: What Gyms Need to KnowexpandingJason Pill, Derek Larsen-ChaneyCBJ
Corporate Expansion Part 2: Options for External ExpansionexpandingJason Pill, Derek Larsen-ChaneyCBJ
Corporate Expansion Part 3: Being Aware of LiabilityexpandingJason Pill, Derek Larsen-ChaneyCBJ
How To Smartly Expand Your BusinessexpandingTino FiumaraCBJ
Expansion ProximityexpandingCBJCBJ
Why You Should Think About Scaling Up expandingKristin Horowitz (CWA)CWA
Should You Crowd Fund Your Gym?financesJoe RobinsonCBJ
Climbing Wall DepreciationfinancesTino FiumaraCBJ
Construction Costs are on the RisefinancesTino FiumaraCBJ
Inflation Hits the Climbing IndustryfinancesJohn BurgmanCBJ
Top 5 Takeaways From Fitness Business Podcast About InvestmentfinancesLaura Allured (CWA)CWA
Making Better Gyms: 4 Key Insights on Physical InclusivitycommunityJohn BurgmanCBJ
The Changing Face of Women's NightscommunityCBJCBJ
Protests, Gyms and Tough Conversations: Ideas from Nonprofit GymscommunityJoe RobinsonCBJ
How To Make Your Gym A Community PartnercommunityChris Oshinski (CWA)CWA
Projecting Anti-Racism – Your Gym’s Website and Community Values communityAnaheed Saatchi (CWA)CWA
Shining Light On Eating Disorders In Climbing communityJake Byk (CWA)CWA
Women and Competitive Climbing: Creating Environments That Foster Growth communityHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Projecting Anti-Racism: American Mountain Guides Association Affinity ProgramscommunityAnaheed Saatchi (CWA)CWA
The Best Member Appreciation Events Around - part 2communityEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
How to Throw the Best Member Appreciation Events - part 1communityEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Projecting Anti-Racism: Asking for Free Labor communityAnaheed Saatchi (CWA)CWA
Member Engagement Series: How to Start a Blog for Your Climbing Gym communityEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Tech Tools to Run Your Climbing Gym Virtually communityCaleb Fitzgerald (CWA)CWA
Ways to Keep Your Climbing Gym Community Engaged communityHilary Harris (CWA)CWA
6 Ways To Retain Your MemberscommunityEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
The Keys To Cultural LeadershipcommunityChris Stevenson (CWA)CWA
Meeting Social & Emotional Learning Goals Using ClimbingcommunityHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
The Powerful Potential Of A Positive CulturecommunityChris Stevenson (CWA)CWA
Marketing Your Climbing GymmarketingCBJCBJ
The Game of New Climber RetentionmarketingJoe RobinsonCBJ
Economics of Big Little CompsmarketingJoe RobinsonCBJ
Building a Website For Your Climbing GymmarketingJohn BurgmanCBJ
5 Social Media Faux Pas and How to Avoid ThemmarketingMarianne PostCBJ
Hyped for HalloweenmarketingJohn BurgmanCBJ
You Should Think About New Years Marketing NowmarketingJake Byk (CWA)CWA
The Olympics Are Coming – So Might A Membership Bump marketingJake Byk (CWA)CWA
5 Marketing Techniques Every Gym Can DomarketingEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Building Brand Awareness For Your Climbing GymmarketingMegan Walsh (CWA)CWA
Marketing Tips To Capture And Keep New Year’s Resolution-ErsmarketingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Child Care, Risk Management & Member RetentionmarketingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Cultivating Space: 10 Steps To Create And Maintain Cultural RelevancymarketingElyse Rylander (CWA)CWA
Lessons from Two Decades of BusinessoperationsTino FiumaraCBJ
Using Data to Make Connections in Climbing GymsoperationsKlimbzCBJ
The 24-Hour Climbing GymoperationsTino FiumaraCBJ
The Cost of a Nonprofit GymoperationsJoe RobinsonCBJ
For the People, by the People: Why Co-Ops SurviveoperationsAaron GerryCBJ
Optional Pay: 6 Lessons from a PioneeroperationsJoe RobinsonCBJ
Rental Shoe LoveoperationsJoe RobinsonCBJ
Cleaning Chemicals a Danger to EquipmentoperationsCBJCBJ
Top Rope Risk And YouoperationsKristin Horowitz (CWA)CWA
Learn From The Pandemic: Paid Leave And MoreoperationsKristin Horowitz (CWA)CWA
Control Risk In Your Gym The Right WayoperationsPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
CWA Auto Belay PositionoperationsCWACWA
Specific Activities For Specific Outcomes operationsHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
How to Create Business Plans That Move, Support, and AdaptoperationsCWACWA
5 Ideas For Making Your Gym More Eco-FriendlyoperationsMegan Walsh (CWA)CWA
Chalk Dust: Mitigation & Source ControloperationsAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
The Two Keys To A Great Customer ExperienceoperationsCaleb Fitzgerald (CWA)CWA
Where To Begin With Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion InitiativesoperationsEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Making Lemons Into Lemonade: A Step-By-Step Guide To Handling Mistakes In Your OrganizationoperationsChris Stevenson (CWA)CWA
Job Boardhuman resourcesCBJCBJ
Talent For Hirehuman resourcesCBJCBJ
Holiday Gifts for Your Gym Staffhuman resourcesZoe LeibovitchCBJ
Workers Organize America’s First Climbing Gym Unionhuman resourcesJoe RobinsonCBJ
Develop Leadership Pipelineshuman resourcesPaul TerbrueggenCWA
Practical Strategies For Training Staffhuman resourcesBix Firer & Pat Brehm (CWA)CWA
How To Hire Effectively: Part 1human resourcesPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
How To Hire Effectively: Part 2human resourcesPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
The Intangible Benefits Of Working In A Climbing Gymhuman resourcesChris Oshinski (CWA)CWA
Managing Middle Managementhuman resourcesPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
Why Weekly Meetings Help Your Team Succeedhuman resourcesHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Mentoring Your Staff Is Critical And Here's Why: Part IIhuman resourcesBrendan (CWA)CWA
Mentoring Your Staff Is Crucial And Here's Why: Part Ihuman resourcesBrendan (CWA)CWA
Your Team Is More Valuable Than You Think human resourcesJake Byk (CWA)CWA
Promote Mental Wellbeing In The Workplace human resourcesHolly Chen (CWA)CWA
Burnout Culture: Defining The Problem And Potential Solutions For Climbing Gymshuman resourcesAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Creating A Positive Workplace Culture For Safety In The Climbing Gymhuman resourcesAaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
How To Advocate And Bring Mental Health Awareness To Your Gymhuman resourcesMegan Walsh (CWA)CWA
Effective Workplace Traininghuman resourcesAaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
How To Maximize Your Staff Training Budgethuman resourcesAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Shifting The Indoor Climbing Industry From Dirtbag To Professionalhuman resourcesNicole Brandt (CWA)CWA
Building Your Team's Performance And Cooperation With Some Simple Activitieshuman resourcesHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Streamlining Development In Indoor Climbing Gymshuman resourcesNicole Brandt (CWA)CWA
Retention Strategies To Reduce Employee Turnoverhuman resourcesAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
What Makes A Great Manager?human resourcesEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Closing The Gender Gap: What Climbing Can Learn From The Tech Industryhuman resourcesEva Kalea (CWA)CWA
2022 Grip List AwardsroutesettingJonathan LittauerCBJ
Grip Report Monthly: New Climbing Holds & VolumesroutesettingCBJCBJ
Apps for Routesetting Management in 2022routesettingCBJCBJ
The Career Path of a Professional Setter (Truth Behind the Trade – Chapter 3)routesettingDave WetmoreCBJ
Selling Movement: Routesetting Is a Product (Truth Behind the Trade – Chapter 2)routsettingDave WetmoreCBJ
Professional Routesetting: The Truth Behind the Trade (Chapter 1)routesettingDave WetmoreCBJ
Competition & League Setting vs. Regular Gym TurnoverroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Why Circuit-Style Grading Is Good for BusinessroutesettingDevin DabneyCBJ
The RIC Scale, and How to Use It in Your Routesetting WorkroutesettingDevin DabneyCBJ
How to Set Better Routes for ChildrenroutesettingJonathan LittauerCBJ
Tricks to Keep Easier Climbs InterestingroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Routesetting Today: 5 Trends From This Year’s Setter Showdownroutesetting360 HoldsCBJ
Building Community Engagement Through RoutesettingroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Tips for Getting Hired As A RoutesetterroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Evolution of The Climbing HoldroutesettingCBJCBJ
Avoid These Common Routesetting MistakesroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Routesetting Skills to Learn on Day OneroutesettingLouie AndersonCBJ
Rope Access Rigging Headed for SettersroutesettingCBJCBJ
9 Routesetting EssentialsroutesettingCBJCBJ
Video: Austin Bouldering Project Epic Opening SetroutesettingCBJCBJ
Video: Secrets of World Cup SettingroutesettingCBJCBJ
Anderson Revises Routesetting ManualroutesettingCBJCBJ
7 Reasons Why Gyms Still Need Premium Holds - Now More Than EverroutesettingPremium HoldsCBJ
How To Write A Routesetting ResumeroutesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
How Do You Decide What Colors To Set Your Walls?routesettingPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
Give A Meaningful Performance Review To Your RoutesettersroutesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Why Building Your Network As A Routesetter MattersroutesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
(Route)Setting Good Standards – Create More Empathy In Your RoutesettingroutesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
(Route)Setting Good Standards – Staff Clinics Help Your GymroutesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Boost Your Setting Team’s Creativity With These 5 Exercises routesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Commercial Gyms Need Chief RoutesettersroutesettingJake Byk (CWA)CWA
(Route)Setting Good Standards – Prevent Burnout, Support Your Team routesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
(Route)Setting Good Standards – Expectations & Communication routesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
(Route)Setting Good Standards – Professional Development Days routesettingHayley Moran (CWA)CWA
Self-Care For Routesetters (And Anyone Experiencing Burnout)routesettingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Gender, Variety, And Growth In RoutesettingroutesettingWillis (CWA)CWA
Diversity = Variety: What Does It Mean For Commercial Routesetting?routesettingWillis (CWA)CWA
Focus On Workplace Safety – Eye Protection For Workers In Climbing FacilitiesroutesettingAaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
One Small Step (Or How A Close Call Changed My Routesetting Life)routesettingPeter Zeidelhack (CWA)CWA
The Three Most Important Pieces Of Personal Protective Equipment For Climbing Wall WorkersroutesettingAaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
Balancing The Business, Creativity, And Labor Of RoutesettingroutesettingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Beyond Fall Protection: Risk Management For Climbing Wall Workers In The Gym EnvironmentroutesettingAaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
Training Board Hold SystemsprogrammingCBJCBJ
Prefabricated Climbing Walls for Training BoardsprogrammingCBJCBJ
How to Build a Successful Comp TeamprogrammingAmanda AshleyCBJ
The Evolution of the Fitness ClassprogrammingJohn BurgmanCBJ
10 Ways to Improve Your Climbing Gym's Youth ProgramprogrammingJohn BurgmanCBJ
Tips to Prepare Your Youth Programs for Summer: Operations and LogisticsprogrammingZoe LeibovitchCBJ
Tips to Prepare Your Youth Programs for Summer: Marketing and SalesprogrammingZoe LeibovitchCBJ
The Power of High School Climbing and the ASCL in ColoradoprogrammingAaron WilcoxCBJ
An Invitation to Thrive: Wisconsin's High School Climbing LeagueprogrammingTrevor RussellCBJ
Are Birthday Parties Worth It?programmingTino FiumaraCBJ
Can We Actually Coach Climbing Remotely?programmingKris HamptonCBJ
More Gyms Embrace Sensory-Friendly and Autism-Friendly Climbing ProgrammingprogrammingJohn BurgmanCBJ
Creating Safe Spaces In Indoor Climbing CoachingprogrammingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
Indoor Climbing Coaching and Parkinsons - A Case StudyprogrammingChris Oshinski (CWA)CWA
Welcome Adaptive Climbers In Your GymprogrammingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
Coach Taylor Reed On Training Adults With IntentionprogrammingChris Oshinski (CWA)CWA
Coach Your Coaches With This Five Week PlanprogrammingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
Lessons For Climbing Coaches From Olympian Kyra CondieprogrammingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
How Coaches Can Apply LTAD To Every GenerationprogrammingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
Learn Some Rock Gym Pro-Gramming Tips programmingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
Coaches – Here’s a Climbing Game That Invents Itself programmingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Managing Youth Behavior Issues In The Gym Part 2 programmingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Managing Youth Behavior Issues In The Gym programmingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Timing Is Everything: Age-Appropriate Training For Kids programmingHeather Reynolds (CWA)CWA
Making Your Gym More Inclusive – Adaptive Climbing Edition programmingHolly Chen (CWA)CWA
Considerations for Returning to Youth ProgrammingprogrammingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Activities For Adult Meetup ProgramsprogrammingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Long Term Athlete Development: From Good To Great In ClimbingprogrammingHeather Reynolds (CWA)CWA
Sequencing Activities For Youth Climbing ProgramsprogrammingHeadwall Group (CWA)CWA
Climbing Gym Programming 101programmingNicole Brandt (CWA)CWA
Indoor Climbing Programs For Boomers, Part II - Tips For Boomer InstructionprogrammingTom (CWA)CWA
Indoor Climbing Programs For Boomers, Part I - The Boomer OpportunityprogrammingTom (CWA)CWA
Team Dynamics: Managing Different Ages/Abilities On A Small TeamprogrammingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
5 Programs Your Members Wish You'd OfferprogrammingEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
It’s Not A Cakewalk: How To Develop A Birthday Party ProgramprogrammingAmanda Ashley (CWA)CWA
Optimizing Belay Lessons For Member AcquisitionprogrammingChristopher (CWA)CWA
Buyer's Guides: New Climbing Products & ServicesretailingCBJCBJ
Sell Products In Your Gym Without Being PushyretailingDavid Gladish (CWA)CWA
Apply The Bell Curve To Predict Retail Sales In Your GymretailingPaul Terbrueggen (CWA)CWA
Help Your Customers Buy Your Gear This Season retailingHailey Caissie (CWA)CWA
10 Tips To Merchandise Your Retail Shop retailingTodd McCormick (CWA)CWA
Engaging Staff On Retail Engages Customers, Too retailingTodd McCormick (CWA)CWA
The 13th Month: Retail In Climbing Gyms retailingTodd McCormick (CWA)CWA
The Art of Product Selection retailingTodd McCormickin (CWA)CWA
5 Retail Items Your Gym Should Be SellingretailingEmma Walker (CWA)CWA
Why Data Privacy Matters for GymslegalGregory RedaCBJ
Anatomy of Documenting an AccidentlegalRuthie Rivers, Granite InsuranceCBJ
The Law of Employee PaylegalJason PillCBJ
What's an Employee?legalRuthie Rivers, Granite InsuranceCBJ
Volunteer Ins & OutslegalRuthie Rivers, Granite InsuranceCBJ
Why Corporate Formation MatterslegalJason PillCBJ
Spotting Employment DiscriminationlegalJason PillCBJ
Navigating Intellectual Property LawlegalJason StearnsCBJ
Is Your Gym Guilty of Music Piracy?legalCBJCBJ
Should Politics Mix with Climbing?legalCBJCBJ
A Public Relations PrimerlegalJohn BurgmanCBJ
Avoiding Risks with Hourly Pay and OvertimelegalJason PillCBJ
The Legality of Scholarship ProgramslegalJason PillCBJ
Gym to Crag Risk ManagementlegalRuthie Rivers, Granite InsuranceCBJ
4 Ways To Reduce Risk in Your GymlegalBill ZimmermanCBJ
Gym Waivers and Employee TattooslegalJason PillCBJ
Should Gyms Be Reporting Accidents?legalCBJCBJ
Your Legal Duty of CarelegalReb GregCBJ
Monument Rolls Out Insurance InnovationslegalMonument InsuranceCBJ
Teach Your Staff About Duties Of CarelegalBrendan (CWA)CWA
Address Broken Rules In The GymlegalDavid Gladish (CWA)CWA
CWA Now Offering Canadian Insurance legalCWACWA
Be Prepared For Crisis At Your GymlegalRobert Angell (CWA)CWA
Legal Challenges for Billing in the Fitness IndustrylegalGarnet Moore (CWA)CWA
CWA’s Public Policy Agenda: Protecting Our SportlegalRobert Angell (CWA)CWA
Covid-19 News & Resources for Climbing WallsCovid-19CBJCBJ
Lessons Learned from the COVID Crisis (Vol 1): Have a Growth MindsetCovid-19John BurgmanCBJ
Lessons Learned from the COVID Crisis (Vol 2): We Are Better TogetherCovid-19John BurgmanCBJ
Should Gyms Give COVID-19 Orientations?Covid-19John BurgmanCBJ
Can Gyms Require Vaccination?Covid-19Jason PillCBJ
Hiring in the Age of COVIDCovid-19Jason PillCBJ
COVID-19 and LiabilityCovid-19Jason PillCBJ
Can Gyms Ask Sick Customers to Leave?Covid-19Jason PillCBJ
Ask A Lawyer: Consequences for Gyms That Stay OpenCovid-19Jason PillCBJ
Study Showing Chalk Reduces Virus By 99% Now Peer ReviewedCovid-19CBJCBJ
Keeping Your Gym's Services Valuable During the COVID-19 ClosureCovid-19Manny EscalanteCBJ
Consequences for Gyms That Stay OpenCovid-19Jason PillCBJ
What To Expect From A Vaccine MandateCovid-19Jake Byk (CWA)CWA
Holding Climbing Events In The COVID Era Covid-19Jake Byk (CWA)CWA
Communication Strategies for Mask Requirements Covid-19Holly Chen (CWA)CWA
What happens when someone at my gym tests positive?Covid-19Emma Walker (CWA)CWA
How to Plan Activities for Groups and Teams During COVID Covid-19Headwall Group (CWA)CWA
Climbing Gym Workplace Health & Safety for COVID-19 Part II Covid-19Aaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
Climbing Gym Workplace Health & Safety for COVID-19 Part ICovid-19Aaron Gibson (CWA)CWA
Adjusting to the New Realty: How to Avoid and De-Escalate Customer Conflicts Covid-19Emma Walker (CWA)CWA
Adjusting to the New Reality: How to Communicate with Your Customers Covid-19Emma Walker (CWA)CWA
Membership Communications During Gym Closures Covid-19Laura Allured (CWA)CWA
Climbing Shoe Rental FleetssuppliersCBJCBJ
Prefabricated Climbing Walls for Training BoardssuppliersCBJCBJ
Training Board Hold SystemssuppliersCBJCBJ
Buyer's Guides: New Climbing Products & ServicessuppliersCBJCBJ
Climbing Wall BuilderssuppliersCBJCBJ
Padded Flooring & Facility EquipmentsuppliersCBJCBJ
Autobelays, Rigging & RopessuppliersCBJCBJ
Holds, Macros & VolumessuppliersCBJCBJ
Gym Consulting, Services & SoftwaresuppliersCBJCBJ
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