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    Acknowledging the Elephants in the Room: How The Gravity Vault Can Help You Succeed in Business

    Elephants in a climbing gym visual
    There are clear hurdles—the “elephants in the room”—that come with opening a new climbing gym today, but The Gravity Vault’s franchising model can help you overcome them. (All images courtesy of The Gravity Vault)

    When it comes to opening a new climbing gym in today’s macro environment, there’s not just one elephant in the room, but instead a whole party: interest rate hikes, supply chain snafus, transportation hiccups, construction delays, higher wages…the list goes on and on. Starting an indoor climbing gym is daunting enough since the pandemic hit without having to worry about other macro forces dragging your project down.

    This year has been particularly difficult for those prospective owners looking to open their first gym, and it has also tested even the most seasoned operators looking to add a location to their existing portfolio.

    An Altered Economic Landscape

    So, what has happened? Well, simply, external economic forces have shifted and the tides have quickly turned. Gone are the days of a lender courting you, taking you out to multiple lunches, and selling their loan programs as some of the best in the industry. And gone are the days of construction firms coming in on time and under budget. Today, we are hearing more about ballooning budgets, eleventh-hour loan terminations and construction schedule adjustments, along with timelines being busted because workers or materials are not available.

    What have you seen in your area? Has your loan been dropped because your bank’s underwriting department suddenly decided to move away from the fitness and gym space? Or maybe they just ghosted you entirely because their commercial lending arm decided to put the brakes on all new loan originations? Have you struggled to get competitive bids from your general contractors for renovating or building your space with the first three offers that went out? If you were lucky enough to get a timely bid, did you get sticker shock from the initial price, so much so that you sent it out twelve more times for more competitive pricing, before realizing that maybe your construction budget has been grossly underestimated? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky, and know it is not a matter of if but when you experience some or all these phenomena.

    If these statements strike a nerve or resonate with you, know also that you are not alone. There has been a seismic shift in our financial world in 2023, and its repercussions are being felt across the climbing industry.

    A new gym in development
    Whether opening a brand-new gym or renovating an existing space, The Gravity Vault team has been there and can help you avoid common pitfalls. (Pictured: a new gym in development at an undisclosed location)

    Strength in Working Together

    Navigating this complex financial climate can feel more manageable when you look around and see that you are not the only one in a room full of elephants. Having a partner in business to talk to who has both seen these forces at work and anticipated many of them could offer you a lifeline. Franchising with The Gravity Vault offers a model that provides you with the support and assistance you need to get your project over the finish line.

    While The Gravity Vault has not been entirely immune to these macro forces, we do have a number of strategic partnerships in place and a network of professionals who can offer guidance and solutions when problems like these arise. Has a lender turned you down because you are a first-time gym owner? No problem, we still have lenders looking to lend in these market environments for first-time franchisees and gym owners. Has your wall budget been blown out with rising costs? No problem, our strategic alliance with multiple wall builders and our preferred brand pricing ensure that you are getting a top-notch product at some of the most favorable prices in the industry.

    It doesn’t end there—our size and scale give us purchasing power and pricing breaks that get extended to each of our franchisees. When you partner with us, you can be sure you are getting the best preferred pricing in the industry we’ve seen, whether you are ordering big-ticket items like holds and flooring or simply replenishing one-off inventory for your retail shop.

    The Gravity Vault Hoboken facility
    There are twelve climbing gyms in The Gravity Vault network and six more projects nearing the finish line, which have all benefited from support from other franchisees along the journey. (Pictured: The Gravity Vault Hoboken)

    Staying One Step Ahead of the Curve

    Today at The Gravity Vault, we are still looking ahead. Our development pipeline remains robust, with multiple projects in different stages of development. We have seen delays with almost all our franchises in some capacity, but that occurrence has both led to opportunities and a chance to revisit overall timelines and budgets. We had one location take advantage of landlord delays by moving from a rental scenario into a land development, build-to-suit position. Another franchise was able to tailor their wall design to cut overall project cost without sacrificing square footage, and another was able to find a lower cost of borrowing after one lender pulled out late in the underwriting process.

    We recommend staying fluid in this economic climate. In the past we had been working with banks that primarily offered fixed-rate loan packages, locking in low rates for fixed terms. As rates have shot up, however, we have recently recommended moving away from these fixed-rate loans, since they offer little upside; instead, we recommend looking at variable-rate products that have a better opportunity to help bring your payment lower as rates come down after last year’s quick, meteoric rise. While no one can predict the future, when times get tough, it is nice to know you have an experienced partner who can help find solutions and a community of franchise owners who all share the goal of lifting each other up past any crux we encounter in business.

    Let us know how we can help you on your journey toward climbing gym ownership. Reach out to us at


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    SCC Secures Iconic Bouldering Area in Northeast Alabama

    Citadel Boulders photo by Caleb Timmerman
    Photo by Caleb Timmerman

    Dec 1, 2023, Fort Payne, AL – Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) and Access Fund are
    thrilled to announce the purchase and protection of the iconic Citadel Boulders in Alabama. The acquisition includes 58 acres of undeveloped land surrounding an incredible boulder field. It is more than two decades in the making, and another landmark victory for climbing and conservation in the Southeast. SCC will manage the Citadel Boulders alongside its eight other land holdings for climbing and conservation.

    “The acquisition of the Citadel Boulders is a testament to the patience and discipline needed to protect iconic climbing areas,” says SCC executive director, Meagan Evans. “SCC has been working for decades to secure permanent access to Citadel Boulders.”

    Centrally located between Chattanooga, Birmingham, and north Georgia, this additional
    resource will help solidify Fort Payne as a regional destination for climbing—offering something for climbers of all experience levels. This acquisition will also be a significant asset to Fort Payne residents who would love to hike, explore, and visit for an afternoon walk at the preserve.

    Citadel Boulders photo by Caleb Timmerman
    Photo by Caleb Timmerman

    The Citadel Boulders contain more than 150 unique problems over dozens of distinct sandstone boulders. Its proximity to existing climbing areas like Little River Canyon and Jamestown is a testament to northern Alabama’s rise as a climbing hotspot. Alabama is home to some of the most unique sandstone features in the world, and is seeing more and more climbing access open up across the state thanks to the collaboration of land managers with the SCC and Access Fund. Increasing public access to diverse natural outdoor adventure experiences helps our communities thrive economically and physically.

    After engaging the landowner in a preliminary discussion about purchasing the land, SCC and Access Fund teamed up with several regional land trusts and foundations to support the acquisition.

    “SCC and Access Fund have a long record of successful land acquisitions in the Southeast, and the Citadel Boulders is the latest triumph,” says Access Fund Southeast Regional Manager Daniel Dunn. “When a landowner decides to sell a climbing area, climbers must act quickly. And thanks to our Climbing Conservation Loan Program, that’s exactly what we were able to do.”

    Citadel Boulders photo by Caleb Timmerman
    Photo by Caleb Timmerman

    In addition to protecting a major climbing area, this purchase also provides a critical
    conservation foothold in the Thrive Regional Partnership Natural Treasures zone. Citadel
    Boulders preserves scenic views, water quality, and critical plant and wildlife habitat. The
    property is part of an area identified in 2011 to provide connectivity and protected land near Desoto State Park on Lookout Mountain. The mountain is home to a variety of species,
    including neotropical migrant songbirds, and several rare plants such as the federally listed
    large flowered skullcap and Virginia spirea. It is part of the Coosa River Basin, recognized as one of the most biologically diverse river systems in the United States.

    Chattanooga’s Riverview Foundation and Lyndhurst Foundation also provided major grant
    funding to SCC in support of the acquisition. These foundations have emerged as leading
    supporters of climbing conservation projects in the region, including SCC and Access Fund’s
    acquisition of Hell’s Kitchen and Dogwood West in Rhea County, as well as Woodcock Cove in Sequatchie Valley more recently. The Georgia Alabama Land Trust also offered a generous grant to support the project.

    Citadel Boulders photo by Caleb Timmerman
    Photo by Caleb Timmerman

    “Citadel Boulders is a magical constellation of rock formations,” remarked Bruz Clark, director of the Lyndhurst and Riverview Foundations. “It has been such a pleasure to work with Meg at SCC and Daniel at Access Fund to conserve this iconic natural and recreational landmark.”

    While initial funding has secured the Citadel Boulders, SCC needs the help of local climbers and conservationists to raise $140,000 over the next three years to pay off the conservation loans to complete the purchase. You can donate to the project at

    Access Details

    While the SCC currently owns the Citadel Boulders, we ask that climbers patiently wait until we are able to install critical infrastructure like the parking area, to withstand the traffic going to the property. SCC prides itself on being a good neighbor, so we ask that climbers wait a little longer to visit the property – after decades – what’s a little longer? The rock will be there and SCC will provide public free access- permanently.

    SCC will host a number of trail days to help scrub graffiti, remove trash, and install trail and signage infrastructure. You can find more details here:

    Citadel Boulders photo by Caleb Timmerman
    Photo by Caleb Timmerman

    About SCC

    The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to preserve climbing areas in the Southeast. SCC currently owns and manages seven climbing areas and works with 30+ public and private landowners to protect access to climbing and steward climbing area resources throughout Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. SCC mobilizes its member base of 1,500+ climbers to recreate responsibly on public lands and works with 600+ volunteers annually on stewardship projects at climbing areas across the region. SCC works with local, state, and federal agencies to consult on climbing access concerns and support natural resource protection projects. For more information, visit

    About Access Fund

    Access Fund is the national advocacy organization that leads and inspires the climbing
    community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment. Access Fund represents more than 8 million climbers nationwide in its work to protect and conserve the land, fight for sustainable access, and build a community of inspired advocates. As an accredited land trust, Access Fund has helped purchase more than 90 climbing areas, protecting more than 13,000 routes and preventing 19,000 acres of climbing rich lands from being sold, developed, and closed to climbing. For more information, visit


    Meagan Evans (she/her)
    SCC Executive Director

    Daniel Dunn (he/him)
    Southeast Regional Manager

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    Vertical Endeavors Workers Win Union Election

    First ever climbing gym workers unionize with United Food and Commercial Workers in Minnesota

    image of ve workers

    TWIN CITIES, MN –Today, an overwhelming 81.8% of Vertical Endeavors workers in the Twin Cities voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW Local 663 and 1189). A mail ballot election took place beginning on November 13, and ballots were counted the afternoon of November 29.

    “We unionized because we want better pay and healthcare, and a voice in the decisions that are going to affect employees and customers. I hope that more rock climbing gyms unionize so standards are raised for how employees are treated. We deserve it,” said Hailey Jarmon (she/they), Team coach/counter rush at VE Bloomington.

    “I love working at Vertical Endeavors and I want to continue working here. My coworkers and I deserve to be valued and appreciated for the work we do. Democracy in the workplace isn’t always a given, and our Union can provide that. I’m looking forward to bargaining a contract so we can put forth more of the valuable ideas all of us have. We all want what’s best for the workers and being unionized will support us when it comes to benefits and quality of work,” said Isaac Harris (he/him), Shift manager and Team Coach at Twin Cities Bouldering in St. Paul.

    VE workers have organized with both UFCW Local 663 and UFCW Local 1189 in Minnesota.

    “It’s simple. When workers organize, their lives get better. We welcome VE workers to the UFCW union family,” said UFCW Local 663 President Rena Wong.

    We’re thrilled to welcome the first climbing gym workers to our Union and look forward to helping them craft their first ever contract,” said UFCW Local 1189 President Jim Gleb.

    Vertical Endeavors has five Minnesota gyms: VE Bloomington, VE Minneapolis, VE St. Paul, Twin Cities Bouldering, and VE Duluth. There are about 90 people in the unit.


    On November 3, National Labor Relations Board found that “The Petitioner contends that the shift managers are statutory employees and do not exercise any authority indicative of supervisory status.” This means that all five locations’ full and part time employees who are not supervisors or guards are considered eligible to be in the bargaining unit. Page 1 of the decision has the five locations listed that are unionizing, which are all of the VE in MN.

    The original union filing on August 25, 2023 included Nicros, whose employees make custom walls and holds for rock climbing systems. They will be filing as a separate bargaining unit.


    UFCW is the largest private sector union in the United States, representing 1.3 million professionals and their families in healthcare, grocery stores, meatpacking, food processing, retail shops and other industries. Our members serve our communities in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the UFCW at

    Jessica Hayssen
    Communications Director
    United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 663

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    OnSite to Unveil New 12×12 Freestanding Training Wall at ICE

    image of onsite new training wall

    We’ve been pretty busy this year at OnSite. Not only did our infamous home training walls sell like hotcakes, but we also worked relentlessly to innovate exciting new products. As it turns out, the timing was just right to unveil one of our latest creations at ICE 2023. We decided to display it at our booth to give attendees an exclusive look!

    In addition to showcasing our ever popular 7×10 home training wall with all features, we’re bringing a new and improved 12×12 freestanding training wall for everyone to see. Needless to say, our team is ecstatic to tell you all about the impressive features, the competitive price point, and the rock-solid feel it provides for the climber.

    During your visit, don’t miss the chance to discover how our adjustable wall stands out. Each model is compatible with all major holds companies, adding yet another layer of customization to get you psyched to train.

    Our team is prepared to walk you through everything you need to know about all our products, but most of all, we can’t wait to chat and have a good time together.

    See you at booth 108!

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    Climb Insider: setter stuff and trade shows

    image of routesetter putting green hold on wall

    Just a few thoughts

    In two weeks the industry gathers in Chattanooga for the inaugural Indoor Climbing Expo. What will be released and discussed? What will be taught in the clinics? Which pro climbers can you meet? Only one way to find out – be there! Tickets are still available. 

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    Routeset for Alpine Climbing – Climbing Jobs Weekly 2023 November 30

    alpine climbing header image

    CBJ hosts the most active job board for climbing businesses and organizations. Below are the latest posts from this past week…


    Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness
    Ripon, CA

    “Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness is the Central Valley’s largest, most dynamic indoor rock-climbing gym and fitness center. Located just two hours west of Yosemite Valley, our facility fosters an active lifestyle while providing a creative work and social environment. We are looking for value’s driven, energetic team members who have an extremely creative mindset and a passion for climbing, the outdoors, wellness and community to join our team. Route Setters inspire movement, and teach technique through their craft.  They challenge and inspire all climbers regardless of if it’s their first time or if they are a seasoned veteran to continue their pursuit of achieving great heights.”

    Routesetter Bundle from Chalk Cartel


    ​How to talk about career goals with your boss (plus tips)
    By CareerBuilder

    “Your career goals are the things you want to achieve during your career. When setting career goals, consider where you want to be in one, five, or 10 years. It’s beneficial to set goals throughout your career to challenge yourself so you can thrive. Some examples of goals you might set include: Earn a certification, Increase pay, Join a professional organization, or Advance to a management role”

    Read the full article here


    See all current jobs // Post your job
    FT = full time
    PT = part time

    Head Coach at High Point Birmingham, AL FT – coach
    Programs Coordinator at UC Berkeley – Cal Adventures Berkeley, CA FT – manager
    Routesetter at Alpine Ripon, CA PT – routesetter
    Director of Setting & Coaching at Session Santa Rosa, CA FT – coach, manager, routesetter
    Facilities Associate at Movement Denver, CO FT – other
    Advanced Team Coach at Climbing Collective Longmont, CO PT – coach
    Advanced Team Coach at Climbing Collective Loveland, CO PT – coach
    Senior Routesetter and Team Instructor at Hive Winnipeg, MB FT – other, routesetter
    Routesetter at Climb So iLL St. Louis, MO FT – routesetter
    Gym Manager at Ruckus Greensboro, NC FT – manager
    Front Desk Staff / Client Experience Associate at Salt Pump Portsmouth, NH PT – front desk
    Team Coach at Gravity Vault Chatham, NJ PT – coach
    Competitive Climbing Coach at Gravity Hamilton, ON FT – coach, routesetter
    US Sales and Customer Service Director at EP Climbing Bend, OR FT – mktg/sales
    Marketing Manager at Edgeworks Bellevue, WA FT – mktg/sales

    Career Centers of Climbing Industry

    NAMETYPELOCATION Fund - CO Rock - WI Climbing Adventure Fitness - CA Alpine Club - CO Climbing - OH, PA Studio - CO Collective - CO Project (pick location) - MN, TX, UT, WA Climbing Centre - AB Rock Gym - CT, FL, MA, NY, RI - QC Climbing - CO - Louisville Climbing - OR - Bend / Kumiki / Groperz / eXpression - MN Climbing - IL, PA Grotto - ON - Guelph Rush Technologies // TRUBLUE - CO Point Climbing & Fitness - AL, TN - ON - Milton Climbing Centre - ON - London - OR - Bend - MA, NY, VT - TX, UT, WA Gyms - CA, CO, IL, MD, OR, TX, VA Architecture - COèresproductCanada - QC Climbing - PA - Philipsburg Experiences - VA - MD, VA Age - NM - Albuquerque Front - UT Gravity Vault - CA, NJ, NY, PA North Face Pad - CA, NV Spot - CO // Tenaya - CO - MA Rock Club (choose location) - NC, VA - CO (jobs in UK) Kingdom Solutions // Habit // Proxy // Pebble - UT World - WA - CA, NY, WA Climbing - MO

    Movement Expands; Acquires Multiple Gyms in the Northeast

    The Cliffs Gowanus
    Seven months after purchasing four Summit gyms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Movement announced the acquisition of The Cliffs’ gyms, including The Cliffs at Gowanus (pictured) in Brooklyn which opened last year. (Photo by Lorraine Ciccarelli, courtesy of The Cliffs)

    A press release earlier this week announced that Movement, the largest network of climbing gyms in the United States, recently acquired The Cliffs’ five facilities. The acquisition encompasses all The Cliffs’ gyms in New York and Pennsylvania and brings the total number of Movement gyms to 29 across the country.

    “We are thrilled to bring The Cliffs outstanding gyms, dedicated team members, and passionate climbing community on board,” Jeremy Levitt, Movement’s CEO, stated in the press release. “Together, we can introduce even more people to the best climbing walls, routes, and amenities in the indoor climbing industry today.”

    Mike Wolfert, CEO of The Cliffs, added, “I’m stoked for the next phase of The Cliffs’ evolution. The resources Movement will bring to take these gyms to the next level is the future of climbing. Movement’s expertise will provide immediate benefit to the New York and Philadelphia climbing communities—and give our climbers access to a nationwide network of gyms at no additional cost.”

    Indoor Climbing Expo Register Today

    Specific facilities included in the acquisition were The Cliffs’ mixed climbing gyms in Gowanus (Brooklyn), LIC (Queens), Valhalla (north of New York City) and Callowhill (Philadelphia), as well as a bouldering-focused facility in Harlem (Manhattan). The Movement website indicated that, “Starting December 11th, all The Cliffs members will have access to all Movement gyms and all Movement members will have access to all The Cliffs gyms,” the latter of which will soon be rebranded as Movement gyms.

    At a broad level, the acquisition of The Cliffs facilities put something of a punctuation mark on a very busy year for Movement, which saw the brand also acquire (and rebrand) multiple Summit gyms in Texas. Although global statistics are difficult to confirm, the recent acquisition of The Cliffs gyms likely makes Movement the largest climbing gym operator in the world by measure of gym quantity. Moreover, two additional Movement gyms are currently in development.

    News of the acquisition—and Movement’s growth throughout the year—naturally prompted discussion by owners of other gym brands. For example, one post by an anonymous user on the Climbing Gym Operators Facebook group page asked, “Anyone else feel like Movement is consuming the industry?”

    Stay tuned to CBJ for further updates and breaking news about climbing gym acquisitions.

    Win Shoes, Hangboard, Crashpad or Gift Card from So iLL

    So iLL and CBJ giveaway
    Image by Climbing Business Journal

    Win yourself a holiday treat!

    For over 20 years, So iLL has been on the leading edge of climbing holds, crashpads, shoes and apparel. Their distinctive Roids, Fungus, Pipes and Baby holds are crowd pleasers in every climbing gym, while their On The Roam collab with Jason Momoa brings fashion wherever it’s worn.

    How can you win? Just take our 10-15 minute reader survey by December 13th. Everyone who completes it has a chance to win one of:

    • Crashpad (you choose the color)
    • Pair of shoes (you choose the model/size)
    • Hangboard (you choose the model)
    • $500 gift card (you choose whatever you want)



    Capitan hosting two networking breakfasts at the Indoor Climbing Expo

    image of capitan networking breakfast

    Capitan, the CRM for climbing gyms, will be hosting two networking breakfasts at the inaugural Indoor Climbing Expo to foster additional collaboration between climbing gyms traveling to Chattanooga this December.

    Climbing gym owners, prospective owners, managers and staff are welcome to attend.

    The breakfasts will be hosted at Kenny’s (a quick 10 minute walk to the convention center) at 8:00 AM on both Wednesday, December 13 and Friday, December 15 of the conference before most sessions begin at 10:00 AM.

    Register here to secure your spot at a networking breakfast.

    Due to limited capacity, we kindly ask no more than two individuals from a single organization attend.

    About Capitan:

    Capitan is a climbing-specific CRM that streamlines waivers, entry passes, memberships, events and more. Their open and supported API allows organizations to connect with all other tools they use to run their business. Capitan is used in climbing gyms across multiple countries, from boutique bouldering facilities to large, multi-location organizations.

    Not attending the Indoor Climbing Expo but interested in how Capitan can support your organization’s goals? Book a time here for an intro call or email Capitan at

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    Movement Expands East Coast Presence into NY and PA with Acquisition of The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness

    Movement Brings the Nation’s Largest Community of Indoor Climbing Gyms to 29 with Acquisition of The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness

    header image of movement and the cliffs

    New York, NY – November 28th, 2023: Movement Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness today announced they have acquired The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness gyms. This acquisition significantly expands Movement’s footprint on the East Coast.

    “We are thrilled to bring The Cliffs outstanding gyms, dedicated team members, and passionate climbing community on board,” said Jeremy Levitt, Movement CEO. “Together, we can introduce even more people to the best climbing walls, routes, and amenities in the indoor climbing industry today.”

    The newly acquired climbing and fitness gyms include The Cliffs popular NY Metro area gyms, as well as The Cliffs at Callowhill, the largest climbing facility in Pennsylvania, which is situated in the heart of Philadelphia.

    • The Cliffs at Gowanus is the newest and largest location in New York and is 36,000 square feet of top rope, lead climbing, and bouldering. Featuring a full fitness center, a “Board Room” with top-of-the-line climbing training equipment boards, a Dual 10m speed-climbing wall, and an outdoor roof deck with views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    • The Cliffs at Callowhill, the largest climbing gym in PA, is a 37,000 square foot facility featuring top rope, lead climbing, and bouldering. A world class training zone, Dual 10m speed-climbing wall, and full-scope fitness center with premier cardiovascular and strength training equipment.
    • The Cliffs at Harlemis the largest climbing gym in Manhattan. This location is a 16,000 square foot bouldering facility including a fitness center with cardio and strength training equipment. Campus boards, tension board, and an LED Moon Board are also available for customized training programs. Yoga and Fitness Classes, Full-service locker rooms with showers, and a Gear Shop for indoor and outdoor climbing needs.
    • The Cliffs at LICis a 23,600 square foot facility featuring top rope, lead climbing, and b In addition to climbing, it features a fitness mezzanine, yoga + fitness classes, full-service locker rooms with showers, and a gear shop for indoor and outdoor climbing needs.
    • The Cliffs at Valhalla is a 9,800 square foot facility featuring top rope, lead climbing, bouldering, and a gear shop.

    “I’m stoked for the next phase of The Cliffs’ evolution,” said Mike Wolfert, CEO of The Cliffs. “The resources Movement will bring to take these gyms to the next level is the future of climbing.  Movement’s expertise will provide immediate benefit to the New York and Philadelphia climbing communities – and give our climbers access to a nationwide network of gyms at no additional cost.”

    About Movement Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness

    Movement is the largest nationwide community of indoor climbing gyms. Every Movement facility is committed to growing the climbing community through a shared vision to empower personal transformation. Movement gyms feature bouldering, top-roping, lead climbing, and amenities like yoga studios, functional fitness, cardio zones, and climbing gear shops. Each facility caters to participants of all abilities – from competitive athletes to weekend adventurers and families.

    Learn more at

    About The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness

    With facilities in New York City and Philadelphia, The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness is the premier network of climbing gyms in the Northeast. Founded in 2005 by climber and entrepreneur Mike Wolfert, The Cliffs embodies excellence in every element of the climbing and fitness experience. Every facility is committed to delivering industry best in climbing, bouldering, classes, retail, fitness facilities, and, most importantly, community outreach. Multiple expansions throughout New York City have shown that when The Cliffs moves into a neighborhood, new residents move in, too — The Cliffs is part of what made rock climbing popular in the busiest city in the world.

    Learn more at

    CBJ press releases are written by the sponsor and do not represent the views of the Climbing Business Journal editorial team.