Map of Commercial Climbing Gyms and Facilities With Climbing Walls


Green = open
Yellow = temporarily closed
Pink = planned
Black = closed (only Plus and Premium maps)

Additional Filters and Functions

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  • Location pop-ups include phone and email (for approx 50% of locations, and growing)

Open Premium CBJ Map

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  • On-demand XLS data downloads based on your filtered view

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About the CBJ Map

This map includes commercial climbing gyms in the USA and Canada, defined as for-profit or co-op owned facilities in which indoor climbing is a primary focus of the facility. We are beginning to add private health clubs, colleges, YMCAs or other non-profit community centers that have a climbing wall, as well as international locations. All information in the map is collected from publicly available sources or direct communication with the facility. Please submit your climbing wall for our map here.

Thanks to Jon Lachelt of Ascent Studio for his years of support managing the data behind this map!

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