Paris Olympics A-to-Z for Climbing Industry Insiders

The Sport Climbing venue for the Paris Olympic Games. Photo courtesy IFSC by Jan Virt.
The Sport Climbing venue for the Paris Olympic Games. Photo courtesy IFSC by Jan Virt.
The Sport Climbing venue for the Paris Olympic Games. (Photo by Jan Virt / IFSC)

As our sport, community and industry anticipate climbing’s second appearance in the Summer Olympic Games—following Sport Climbing’s debut at the Tokyo Olympics—there is perhaps even more excitement and hype than last time. After all, we now have gold medallists defending their titles, and there are now two sets of medals to earn—one for Boulder & Lead, one for Speed. The decision to give Speed its own medal was warmly received, and many hope that momentum will continue and we will see Boulder and Lead split into separate medals in the future, as well. But this summer, all eyes are on Paris…

In total, 68 of the world’s best climbing athletes (34 women, 34 men) representing 22 countries and five continents are expected to compete in Paris. Countless articles on the subject have been written by climbing and non-endemic media, and we’ve curated the best of the bunch below. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Sport Climbing’s second appearance in the Olympic Games. (In tandem with this article, be sure to check out our media resource for climbing gyms here.)

Eldorado Climbing


  • Live & Replays: NBC (USA), CBC (CAN), Eurosport (Europe), all other locations (PDF)
  • Results:
  • August 5: Men’s Boulder semi-final & Women’s Speed qualification
  • August 6: Women’s Boulder semi-final & Men’s Speed qualification
  • August 7: Men’s Lead semi-final & Women’s Speed final
  • August 8: Women’s Lead semi-final & Men’s Speed final
  • August 9: Men’s Boulder & Lead final
  • August 10: Women’s Boulder & Lead final


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  • IF Delegate: Piero Rebaudengo (ITA)
  • IF Delegate: Hazel Han (KOR)
  • IFSC Event Delegate: Stanley Yeo (SGP)
  • IFSC Jury President: Tim Hatch (GBR)
  • IFSC Judge: Karalyn Aronow (USA)
  • IFSC Judge: Nelson Lam (NZL)
  • IFSC Judge: François Leonardon (FRA)
  • IFSC Head Routesetter – Boulder: Garrett Gregor (USA)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Sergio Verdasco (ESP)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Tsukasa Mizuguchi (JPN)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Olga Niemiec (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Tomasz Olesky (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Remi Samyn (FRA)
  • IFSC Head Routesetter – Lead: Martin Hammerer (AUT)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Akito Matsushima (JPN)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Adam Pustelnik (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Brad Weaver (USA)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Jan Zbranek (GER)
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