Grip Showcase Salt Lake City: New Climbing Holds and Volumes of Summer 2023

2023 Grip Showcase Salt Lake City
2023 Grip Showcase Salt Lake City
The second CBJ Grip Showcase of the summer, which took place around the Setter Summit, offered another round of epic shapes, setting and sending. (Photo by Hayden Hulsey)

Congrats to Pusher, winner of the CBJ Grip Showcase Salt Lake City!

It was another exhilarating climbing extravaganza! The teams from The Front, Vertical Solutions and Proxy put on a great event this summer, leaving the climbers no doubt looking forward to the next one. There were top-notch holds, superb routesetting (provided by Setter Summit attendees), and an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and camaraderie.

And, of course, we must congratulate Pusher for winning the Salt Lake City CBJ Grip Showcase Award! Their Opus Macros are true crowd-pleasers.


The vote was close and included these brands (click or scroll down to see their holds and routes):

AxisBloczBluepillCommunity Climbing EquipmentDigitaleXpressionGrizzlyKilterKumikiMegalithPusherRock CandySquadraSugarhouseThrill SeekerUrban PlastixVertical SolutionsVeziVirgin GripXcult

Scores are out of 5 stars:

Vote Results

  1. Pusher (#13 yellow) with 4.57
  2. eXpression (#9 red) with 4.4
  3. Megalith (#12 black) with 4.38
  4. Xcult (#18 black) with 4.18
  5. Kilter (#6 black) with 4.17
  6. Grizzly (#15 red) with 4.15
  7. Bluepill (#1 yellow) with 4.08
  8. Squadra (#11 orange) with 3.92
  9. Community Climbing Equipment (#2 blue) with 3.91
  10. Rock Candy (#14 blue) with 3.83
  11. Thrill Seeker (#8 blue) with 3.82
  12. Blocz (#16 whie) with 3.78
  13. Axis (#19 yellow) with 3.77
  14. Urban Plastix (#7 yellow) with 3.70
  15. Kumiki (#10 white) with 3.68
  16. Vezi (#5 orange) with 3.67
  17. Vertical Solutions (#4 black) with 3.64
  18. Sugarhouse (#20 blue) with 3.63
  19. Digital (#3 black) with 3.53
  20. Virgin Grip (#17 orange) with 3.35

Special thanks to the routesetters! Many setters from the Setter Summit contributed, led by clinic instructors Sarah Filler and Pierre Despagne.

Don’t miss the next CBJ Grip Showcase Chattanooga at Synergy Climbing & Ninja on December 15th!

Digital Climbing Holds

Boulder #1: Bluepill

Featured from Bluepill:

Boulder #2: Community Climbing Equipment

Featured from Community Climbing Equipment:

Boulder #3: Digital

Featured from Digital:

Boulder #4: Vertical Solutions

Featured from Vertical Solutions:

Boulder #5: Vezi

Featured from Vezi:

Boulder #6: Kilter

Featured from Kilter:

Boulder #7: Urban Plastix

Featured from Urban Plastix:

Boulder #8: Thrill Seeker

Featured from Thrill Seeker:

Boulder #9: eXpression

Featured from eXpression:

Boulder #10: Kumiki

Featured from Kumiki:

Boulder #11: Squadra

Featured from Squadra:

Boulder #12: Megalith

Featured from Megalith:

Boulder #13: Pusher

Featured from Pusher:

Boulder #14: Rock Candy

Featured from Rock Candy:

Boulder #15: Grizzly

Featured from Grizzly:

Boulder #16: Blocz

Featured from Blocz:

Boulder #17: Virgin Grip

Featured from Virgin Grip:

Boulder #18: Xcult

Featured from Xcult:

Boulder #19: Axis

Featured from Axis:

Boulder #20: Sugarhouse

Featured from Sugarhouse: