Grip Showcase Chattanooga: New Climbing Holds and Volumes of Winter 2023-2024

Grip Showcase Chattanooga
Grip Showcase Chattanooga
Photo by Andrew Gonzalez, courtesy of Indoor Climbing Expo

Congrats to SupR, winner of the CBJ Grip Showcase Chattanooga!

It’s a beautiful sight…clean routes spaced across the walls of the gym, nothing extra, only one way up, challenging movements…

Attendees at the Grip Showcase Chattanooga got that and more! The crew at Synergy Climbing & Ninja threw a sick party, with bumping music, tasty brews, and filled with friends new and old. It was truly special to have so many of the shapers of the Showcase holds in the room for the party—about half of the artists themselves were onsite! It was the perfect way to end the busy day after the inaugural Indoor Climbing Expo.

Every brand sent gorgeous holds, but we must congratulate SupR for winning the vote for the Grip Showcase Chattanooga Award! Everyone loved climbing on their Majestic family of holds.

SupR Grip List Showcase Award Chattanooga 2023

The vote was close, scores are out of 5 stars:

  1. SupR (black) with 3.93
  2. Unleashed (yellow) with 3.72
  3. EP (blue) with 3.46
  4. Elevation (black) with 3.42
  5. Thrill Seeker (lime green) with 3.37
  6. Trickit (orange) with 3.35
  7. Under Blue (pink) with 3.30
  8. Digital (bright pink) with 3.28
  9. Ocelot (blue) with 3.17
  10. IBEX (orange) with 3.162
  11. Solution (black) with 3.160
  12. Bluepill (blue) with 3.12
  13. FU (pink) with 3.11
  14. Lacuna (white) with 3.06
  15. Mimic (lime green) with 3.02
  16. Vertex (white) with 2.95
  17. Simpl. (grey) with 2.93
  18. Grizzly (white) with 2.90
  19. Method (bright pink) with 2.81
  20. Trango (purple) with 2.81
  21. Blocz (yellow) with 2.78
  22. Urban Plastix (orange) with 2.72
  23. Escape (yellow) with 2.65
  24. Legacy Ascension (yellow) with 2.61
  25. CCE (white) with 2.60
  26. Sugarhouse (purple) with 2.54
  27. Artline (purple) with 2.51
  28. Rockcity (purple) with 2.50

Special thanks to Synergy’s routesetting crew who made every route a thing of beauty:
Davis Stewart (head setter), Teryn Schwind, Chris Little and Langdon Johnson.

Don’t miss the next CBJ Grip Showcase Portland at the Portland Rock Gym during the CWA Summit on May 16th!

Trango Holds Pardners

#1 SupR

Featured from SupR:

#2 Unleashed

Featured from Unleashed:

#3 EP

Featured from EP:

#4 Elevation

Featured from Elevation:

#5 Thrill Seeker

Featured from Thrill Seeker:

#6 Trickit

Featured from Trickit:

#7 Under Blue

Featured from Under Blue:

#8 Digital

Featured from Digital:

#9 Ocelot

Featured from Ocelot:

#10 Ibex

Featured from Ibex:

#11 Solution

Featured from Solution:

#12 Bluepill

Featured from Bluepill:

#13 FU

Featured from FU:

#14 Lacuna

Featured from Lacuna:

#15 Mimic

Featured from Mimic:

#16 Vertex

Featured from Vertex:

#17 Simpl

Featured from Simpl:

#18 Grizzly

Featured from Grizzly:

#19 Method

Featured from Method:

#20 Trango

Featured from Trango:

#21 Blocz

Featured from Blocz:

#22 Urban Plastix

Featured from Urban Plastix:

#23 Escape

Featured from Escape:

#24 Legacy Ascension

Featured from Legacy Ascension:

#25 Community Climbing Equipment

Featured from CCE:

#26 Sugarhouse

Featured from Sugarhouse:

#27 ArtLine

Featured from ArtLine:

#28 Rockcity

Featured from Rockcity:


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