Biggest Climbing Gyms in the US: Official List

Photo: Vertical Endeavors - Minn
Photo: Vertical Endeavors

7. Vertical Endeavors – Minneapolis

Wall Size: 28,950 sq.ft.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wall Builder: Nicros

Vertical Endeavors is owned and operated by Nicros Wall Systems and is the largest of the four gyms that carry the VE name. Their 10,500 sq. ft. Minneapolis building was built in 2011 but VE likes to keep it old school with gravel rock flooring and lots of highly featured climbing walls. Since this gym is busy all day, every day, Nicros must be doing something right.

Nicros President Nate Postma is a founding member of the CWA and VE has a reputation for its safety standards and strict access procedures. Vertical Endeavors is a poster gym for the CWA with their policies and procedures that rigorously follow CWA industry standards.

This facility marks Nicros’ only entry in the top ten list for 2013, but look for it again… and again on next year’s list!