Biggest Climbing Gyms in the US: Official List

Photo: Stone Summit
Photo: Stone Summit

5. Stone Summit

Wall Size: 30,000 sq.ft.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Wall Builder: Walltopia

When Stone Summit open in 2010 many considered it to be the biggest gym in the US. When you enter the gym the immensity of the building, the breadth of the wall — which extends the length of a football field — and the dizzying height of their 60 foot walls is overwhelming to your senses. Looking at the climbing wall feels like trying to take in the Grand Canyon.

The gym features a 10 meter speed wall, massive workout area, beautiful yoga studios, offices, full gear shop and a beginner and group area that is larger than some gyms.

If you know Stone Summit at all it’s probably because they have hosted the USA Climbing SCS Youth National Championships for the last five years. Stone Summit is the only gym in the country that can bring in almost 400 athletes plus their parents, staff and spectators for a 4 day competition, without even feeling crowded. They are also know for bringing in over 700 daily check-ins on some days!

Even though Stone Summit is tied with The Cliffs for climbing square feet, we broke the tie based on the enormous 45,000 square feet of their building, which may be the biggest building that houses a climbing wall in the country.

Look for Stone Summit to be on next year’s list twice with their new facility in Kennesaw, Georgia which may come in at 31,000 sq. ft.

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