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http://www.coloradodaily.com/outdoor-recreation/ci_23905514/boulders-spot-climbing-gym-adds-180k-new-flooring Falling at The Spot just got easier. The Boulder climbing gym spent $180,000 to replace roughly 6,500 square feet of flooring, which is specially designed to withstand falls from the gym's bouldering walls. The new floor, made of heavyweight open-cell urethane with a vinyl cover, is significantly thicker in some places, going from 6 inches to 16 inches over most of...
The company that makes and sells America's most widely used auto belay system is changing their name and getting a new CEO.
National setter, Dave Wetmore has become Metro Rock's newest Head Setter. Wetmore talks about what it took to become one of the best setters in the country and what it takes to run a routesetting program.
Brooklyn Boulders will become the world's first gym to operate an underwater climbing gym. The gym will be built under Pier 57 in Manhattan, New York.
The DeWalt 20 volt impact driver has quickly become the go-to tool for professional routesetters.  On the National setting circuit there are so many DeWalt impacts around that one might think the crew is sponsored by DeWalt (sadly, not true).  National Chief Routesetters Chris Danielson, Mike Helt and Jeremy Hardin all use the DeWalt. In fact Jeremy Hardin, who may...