Competitions For Your Inspiration

2004 Vail Games Nate Gold athlete Brian Patrick photographer
2004 Vail Games before the wall was covered and it became a World Cup. Photo Brian Patrick.
Climbing competitions have been part of climbing culture since before the birth of climbing gyms. Climbers gather at comps to test themselves, cheer on friends, and celebrate together. As a gym manager, comps offer unique ways to excite members, pack the gym, and attract sponsors and media. 
The first Olympic Games with medals for climbing is right around the corner, and climbing will have additional medals in 2024. Now might be a good time to reevaluate how competitions and leagues fit into your event and marketing mix.
It’s not necessary to throw a World Cup to engage your customers. Very simple comps and leagues can still be cost-effective member retention strategies.
Want some inspiration for your next comp? Here are writeups and photo galleries from recent big climbing events across the country.



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