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Sterling Rope Acquired by Arborist Company

Photo: Sherill, Inc.

By John Burgman

Sterling Rope was recently acquired by North Carolina-based Sherrill, Inc. Sherrill is an arborist and climbing gear company, and is also the parent company of treestuff.com—a leading supplier of professional arborist and tree climbing equipment. Sterling, which makes climbing ropes that range from dynamic and static models to gym ropes designed for “high traffic, abusive environs,” has long been based in Maine. Sherrill does not plan to alter Sterling’s day-to-day operations or instigate any facility relocation. 

“We have such high respect for the Sterling brand and products,” said Tripp Wyckoff, Sherrill’s CEO and President, in an announcement about the acquisition. “We are 100 percent committed to grow, build and invest further in Sterling in the coming years at their Biddeford, Maine, facility, and continue to innovate in this important category.”

Carolyn Brodsky, Sterling’s CEO and founder, added, “If we could pick the perfect company to be acquired by, it would be Sherrill. Our markets are very complementary and only good things can come from working more closely together on sales, product, distribution, innovation, and business efficiencies.”

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