Redpoint HQ Software Hits Gym Market

Redpoint HQ
Software guru Andy Laakman, the original mastermind behind RGP, now has a new gym management software—Redpoint HQ (pictured)—that hit the market this year. (All images courtesy of Redpoint HQ)

Andy Laakman, the founder of Rock Gym Pro (RGP)—the most widely-used gym management software in the climbing industry in North America—recently launched a new gym management software, called Redpoint HQ. The software has been in development since late 2022 and allows gyms to sell day passes, sell retail merchandise, track customer check-ins, manage recurring (or prepaid) memberships, manage inventory, and manage programs and bookings, among other features.

Capitan software

Since founding RGP in 2008, Laakman served as a key developer at the software company—which was sold to Togetherwork in 2018—before he and two other key staff members departed from RGP in 2020. Laakman told CBJ that the team behind the creation of Redpoint HQ has been in the climbing industry since 2005 and has a “deep understanding” of gym operations, from that of a “local bouldering gym” to multi-facility gym chains. “It’s truly dream software by a team that knows deeply how gyms operate—from the front desk all the way to the back office,” added Laakman.

Laakman explained that Redpoint HQ was designed with three principles in mind—to be fast (i.e., with the fewest clicks possible in operation at the front desk), to be easy (tailored to the unique software needs of customers, staff and managers), and to be flexible (allowing gym operators to configure the system to the needs of their specific business).

Redpoint HQ in use at Edgeworks
The new Redpoint HQ software is already in use at Edgeworks’ Bellevue, Seattle and Tacoma locations.

Redpoint HQ is currently live at the three Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness gyms in Washington. Laakman says that Redpoint HQ’s pricing will be competitive with other products on the market. Updates and onboarding dates can be obtained by joining Redpoint HQ’s mailing list at

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