Climbing Insider News Weekly: February 26

Climbing Insider News Weekly: February 26
Photo by Aaron Sprengeler, courtesy of The Spot

Just a few thoughts

Among 10 million estimated visits to North American climbing gyms in 2020, zero outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported. Gyms are managing to keep their facilities that safe, and the numbers reflect it. With the support of inside voices, consumer confidence may soon catch up. As it does, it’s a responsibility that comes with the blessing to stay vigilant with safety measures to keep it there.

Stuff for Insiders

Video: 5 ON / 5 OFF with Zachary Neil (Tyler Norton, Plastic Weekly)

Video: Endgegner – The Final Boss – A Rock Climber’s Story of Depression & Heartbreak (Yaoyao Forest)

Collegiate Climbing Ambassador Scholarship – Applications Due April 5 (USA Climbing)
“All of the scholarship recipients over the past four seasons exemplify what it means to be a climber, a student athlete, and ambassador for the sport.” – USA Climbing

Janja Garnbret featured in TIME100 Next List (Natalie Berry, UK Climbing)
“Garnbret’s inclusion in the list comes just weeks after USA Climbing and Tokyo-qualified athlete Kyra Condie was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, demonstrating that the achievements and potential of Sport Climbing athletes — and of the female climbers in particular — are being recognised.” – Natalie Berry

Gym Manager Beta

Inside Voices – A Movement To Save Our Indoor Climbing Spaces (CWA)
“The CWA acknowledges the long road ahead for our industry and we feel called to address the existential threat we’re facing. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Inside Voices, a collective marketing campaign developed to save our indoor climbing spaces.” – CWA

Inside Voices Community Call – March 2 (CWA)

January Reopening Dashboard (CWA)

Statement: The Onus is on California Department of Public Health (CICC)
“It’s positive news that we’re on their radar…It was a bit more hopeful meeting than I was anticipating. The prospect of tier changes and their reassurance that our materials are being considered means something.” – Alice Kao


Routesetting + Training

Using Boards for Training – Introduction and Warming Up (Neil Gresham, UK Climbing)
“…With board training we can tune the difficulty of problems precisely, whilst honing in on moves that represent weaknesses or goals…Above all, board training allows you to measure progress by returning to the same problems over time to see if you’ve progressed.” – Neil Gresham

Metolius Built Brilliant Metal Footholds (Noah Walker, Gripped)
“The Metolius Mini Tech metal chips do not require cleaning. They are metal. The texture is as good on its 100th day as its first day because it is built out of metal layers. Your rubber is not going to wear down this unwearable material.” – Noah Walker

Podcasts: Home Climbing Wall – Listener Questions Parts 1-6 (Power Company Climbing)
“I asked, and we got a LOT of questions about home walls, spray walls, and the like, so we’ve split it into 6 parts – or more actually, since a few of the questions will warrant their own entire episode.” – Power Company Climbing

CBJ Originals

CWA Launches Collective Marketing Campaign to Save Gyms
“The industry has risen to the challenge of figuring out strategies to operate safely within the restrictions of COVID. But getting their members and the public to see that and want to come back to the gym is a hurdle because there is so much fear.” –  Laura Allured

The Midwest Psych Is High: Behind the Wrench with Christopher Deal (John Burgman)
“I think the Midwest psych is very high here [in Fargo/Moorhead, Minnesota]. We have had a very good climbing community, despite being four hours from any outdoor climbing. We will climb in the most awful conditions and still be super psyched.” – Christopher Deal

Texas Gym Expanding with a Repackaged Outdoor Space (John Burgman)
“The winter time can be beautiful here—65 degrees and sunny…We’ve just always thought it would be a cool thing for the membership to have the option to go to an outdoor wall. We’ve wanted to do it for a long time; the opportunity arose, so we jumped on it.” – Chris LoCrasto

Climbing Leagues: Digital Solution by MyClimb

HWOW 45: A Gift of Holds Led to this Wall