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At MyClimb, we have developed an ultimate digital solution for gyms to run climbing leagues. Our software takes the busywork of running a league out of the gym’s hands. You will find automated registration and score calculation for all participants inside the MyClimb app. We also make participating in a league a more interactive and social experience for your climbers. They will find real-time leaderboards and the ability to see what climbs the other teams are logging.

How do you easily run your climbing gym’s league in the MyClimb app? Read on to learn how to quickly set up and automatically score a climbing league, while providing a better experience for your members.

Climbing Leagues Digital Solution - MyClimb App Settings


1.Quickly set up your league’s parameters.

Choose the overall parameters and specific event dates for your league.



Climbing Leagues Digital Solution - MyClimb App Rules


2.Customize how competition scoring works.

Create custom scoring and handicapping rules for the competitions in your league.


MyClimb App - League Registration


3.Open seamless registration for your climbers.

Participants register and then create or join teams through our mobile app.


MyClimb App - League Scoring


4.Enjoy automated score calculation in the app.

Participants log their climbs in our mobile app and their scores are automatically calculated.


Climbing Leagues Digital Solution - MyClimb App Dashboard


5.Easily manage all the competitions in your league.

View a dashboard with all league and participant data and make adjustments as needed.


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