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    • Aug 19, 2024

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    Alford Lake Camp Challenge Course Job Description

    Alford Lake Camp’s ‘Adventure’ activity consists of an outdoor rock wall and high and low ropes course where campers learn skills in team building, problem solving, developing trust and taking safe risks. The person who assist the Head of Adventure for the Alford Lake Camp Challenge Course will be a facilitator who works in a co-instructor position, working closely with the head facilitator and possibly counselors-in-training to cover and share the instruction, supervision, safety, and debriefing responsibilities associated with the ALC Challenge Course. The facilitator will use the ALC program to provide an opportunity for campers to recognize and safely take risks, push themselves and reach their potential. This will include promoting self-confidence, positive group dynamics, and the expansion of their problem solving abilities. These individuals must be well organized, experienced, compassionate, and exceptional communicators when it comes to teaching others.


    Must have a current American Red Cross CPR with AED and First Aid certification
    Certification within the past three years from a recognized organization or certifying body
    This certification must be the Project Adventure Level II or the equivalent (at minimum)
    Requires documentation of training and experience in Challenge Course facilitation
    If you do not have a current certification, you must be able to obtain it prior to the start of work. We may be able to provide financial support for coursework to achieve appropriate certifications
    SAFETY: The Head will be responsible for ensuring the safety of each camper participating in the program.
    Work will include properly setting up the course, on-going inspection of the course and equipment and properly instructing the campers in proper use
    Maintain records of equipment use and condition
    Understanding of emergency procedures and being comfortable responding to situations in a professional AND calm demeanor
    ​LEADERSHIP AND PLANNING: Be a positive role model
    Directs activities
    Maintain records of camper participation
    Aids in developing the full potential of the course
    Deals calmly and efficiently with stressful situations

    PHYSICAL: Able to tie specific knots, belay (rope technique) campers, move from element to element and climb structures as needed
    SUPERVISION: The Head of Adventure will be responsible to supervise all activities connected with the course elements
    Work will include directing activities and debriefing

    COMMUNICATION: Excellent communication skills are required
    Climbing Head should be adept at effectively communicating to a broad range of campers from varied backgrounds and encouraging communication between others

    TEAMWORK: Works as a valuable team member within the community and with facilitating and operating the course with their staff member

    TEACHING: Cultivates learning among the campers, including the technical skills as well as the experiential aspects of the course

    Camper interaction: Strong verbal, written, and listening skills
    Technical Skills:
    Ability to quickly and confidently tie all necessary knots (including Double Figure 8, Figure 8 follow through, Sliding double barrel knot (redundant knot), Bowline, Clove Hitch)
    Capability to set up and take down each and every low and high course element
    Ability to safely PBUS Belay and Team Belay campers
    Successfully demonstrate a high course rescue
    Ability to prepare (front-loading) and follow-up (debriefing) of the group
    Understanding of all safety requirements of the following elements:
    Vertical Elements: Climbing tower, Rappel wall, Leap of Faith
    High Traversing Elements: Two Ships Crossing, Burma Bridge
    Low Elements: Mohawk Walk, Wild Woozy, Spider’s Web, Swing (Nitro Swing)

    To apply for this job please visit www.alfordlakecamp.com.

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