Yank-N-Yard is back to its pre-pandemic glory

Stone Age

Yank-n-Yard 2022 at Stone Age Climbing Gym was one for the books! Ringing in our 25th anniversary, we couldn’t have asked for a more fun filled and exciting event. Relive some of the best moments and get a glimpse into what makes Yank-n-Yard one of our favorite days of the year!

A huge thank you to our sponsors this year. We could not make an event like this happen without their support!

  • Photon Rainbow
  • Michael Thomas Coffee
  • Flashed
  • Santa Fe brewing
  • Petzl
  • Evolv
  • Camp


Josh Rexroad 2T 7
Ben Hanna 1T 2Z2 1 2
Jordan Shepard 1T 1Z2 6 2
Alexander Bowers 0T 3Z2 0 4
Kris White 0T 1Z2 0 1
Chad Hutchinson 0T 1Z2 0 4

Mailys Piazzalunga 3T 7
Abby Czajkowski 3T 10
Isis Rothfork 2T 1Z2 2 1
Katie Bone 0T 3Z2 0 4
Molly Rennie 0T 2Z2 1Z1 0 3 1
Saskia Bauman 0T 1Z2 2Z1 0 3 2

Stone Age

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