New Gym Concept In Bend Is “All Training Boards”



Boardworks Climbing is a new, state-of-the-art training facility for rock climbers opening December 2022 in Bend, Oregon. At 4,500 square feet, this space will feature one of the largest arrays of climbing boards in the US and cater to the specific training needs of Bend’s active and growing climbing community. Owner-operator Lilian Kral started climbing as a kid at Smith Rock and has worked in many capacities within the climbing industry since age 15. She is both an accomplished climber and route-setter. Based on climbing fundamentals, Kral has envisioned Boardworks as an innovative, contemporary training
studio focused on building rock climber strength, endurance and technique.

Over the past few decades, rock climbing has become an increasingly popular activity for people of all ages. “Not all animals climb, but humans do – climbing is a fun, recreational activity that almost anyone can begin at any age,” says Kral. As the demand for indoor climbing spaces increases, so does the demand for intensive training for climbers. Boardworks addresses this need, and will be the first facility in Oregon to offer 24/7 access, giving climbers the autonomy to climb and train on their own schedules.

With its large selection of climbing boards, Boardworks offers climbers the means to rapidly develop their skills. Boards adjust from vertical to 70 degrees overhanging, generating thousands of pre-set routes, all accessible through phone apps. “Having adjustable walls was a non-negotiable. Lots of climbers shy away from ‘training boards’, because all they have experienced are difficult boards at intimidating angles. I’m excited to introduce the fun and effectiveness of board climbing to absolutely everyone, regardless of skill level. This is also a great place to learn to climb at.” When a climber selects any route from the app, holds automatically illuminate with LED lights. Climbers may also develop and
share their own unique routes.


Since the boards are fully adjustable, they are accessible by every skill level, from beginning climbers to world-class climbing athletes, allowing for endless climbing opportunities. In addition to the standardized board layouts, two walls will be dedicated to traditional boulder problems, as well as endurance circuits for rope climbing training. To round out Boardworks’ training and “board” offerings, Boardworks will also have hangboards and a campus board, necessities for well-rounded rock climbing
training. There will be an area with fitness equipment uniquely tailored for climber conditioning and balanced strength, and an area for stretching or floor exercises.

Boardworks will feature two full size Kilterboards, a 2016 Moonboard, Decoy Board, and two large spray walls. Members and guests can attend clinics hosted by local physical therapists and dietitians to ensure their training is sustainable and effective. In addition, private coaching and classes will be available.

While climbing, training, and fitness are the features of this new facility, Boardworks would not be complete without a dedicated area for socializing and boardgames. With comfy couches, tables, and even a chessboard table, climbers can relax with their friends and play Codenames, Wingspan, Catan, and a wide selection of other board games. “If possible, I’m going to have a small TV and DVD player around, with movies like ‘Progression’, ‘King Lines’, ‘Rampage’, ‘Pilgrimage’, the classics,” says Kral.

The gym is located at 222 SE Reed Market Rd, Bend, Oregon, 97702 and is currently being built out with an expected opening date of mid December 2022. Facility tours and pre-sales for membership will begin in mid November. “My long term vision is for Boardworks to be member-only with a close knit community of like minded individuals. Regardless of how hard you climb, if you love climbing and want to push your limits, this is the gym for you” Kral states. “Or, if you love climbing and board games, this is a good fit as well”.


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