Introducing MyClimb’s Climbing Goals


MyClimb Climbing Goals

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MyClimb lets climbers log any climb or hangboard session – anywhere, right now – train with professional climbers, join Climbing Leagues & Challenges at your gym, share photos from their session, and follow their friends’ climbing activity. Our mission is to create more climbers by being a place where all climbers can learn, train, and climb.

Climbing Goals, by MyClimb

MyClimb is excited to release a goal setting feature to complement climb logging in the app. Users can now create a variety of goals to stay motivated inside and outside of the gym.

MyClimb's Hangboarding Tracker

Introducing Goals

Goal setting is a great way for climbers of all levels to create an accountability structure to realize their climbing dreams, while reinforcing loyalty to your gym.

MyClimb’s goals feature allows climbers to…

  • Create custom Grade Pyramids to plan an effective training session or create a year-long dream tick-list;
  • Create goals around the frequency or volume of their climbing sessions;
  • Plan Goals around their hangboard training, using MyClimb’s Hangboard timer or video workouts developed by professional climbers;
  • Keep themselves accountable with Climbing & Workout Reminders;
  • Visualize their progress towards goals with fun and informative graphs.

MyClimb's Pro Workouts

MyClimb for Gyms allows gyms to…

  • Help climbers transform their climbing ambitions into clear goals, and then concrete achievements, to keep them coming back month after year;
  • Set up and run exciting events and Climbing Leagues effortlessly, to keep your members engaged;
  • Visualize route utilization so that you know when it’s time to change a stale route, or leave up a well-loved classic;
  • See what the MyClimb community is saying about their experience at your gym, and get feedback and inspiration about your programming.

Try MyClimb for Gyms and see more dedicated climbers at your gym this season.

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