Bold Q4 Preordering until June 27th

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It’s Q4 Preorder time! Get the newest shapes in your favorite colors. Order by June 27th.

gif of natalia in comp
Natalia cruising through the NEW Rockcity UFOs and Blocz volumes to secure GOLD at the Salt Lake WC.

image of bold brands

Each quarter we bring in big stock shipments from Blocz and 360. Place your order before June 27th and it will get a free ride over the Atlantic! Choose ANY of your favorite macros, volumes, colors, and textures. It doesn’t matter what we have in stock.

  • Choose your color
  • Dual tex or single tex
  • Avoid direct shipping costs
  • IFSC, USAC, and CEC sponsors!

Email for more info. Deadline June 27th!

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