USA Climbing Announces Auto Belay Partnership with TRUBLUE

Image courtesy of Head Rush Technologies
USA Climbing announces auto belay partnership with TRUBLUE
Lea Ann Zuellig, President & CEO of Head Rush Technologies, said of the TRUBLUE auto belay partnership with USA Climbing: “We pride ourselves on making the best products and supporting climbers of all abilities. We look forward to collaborating with USA Climbing to grow the sport.” (Photo courtesy of Head Rush)

USA Climbing recently announced a multi-year partnership with TRUBLUE, the auto belay systems made by Boulder, Colorado-based Head Rush Technologies.

According to a press release, this new partnership between USA Climbing and TRUBLUE will “help U.S. Olympic and National Team athletes win National Championships and prepare for international competitions.”



As a result of the partnership, TRUBLUE auto belays will be installed at USA Climbing’s National Team Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah; TRUBLUE auto belays will also be used at the forthcoming national championships and National Cup series competitions.

The press release also noted that TRUBLUE will provide USA Climbing-affiliated gyms with “special offers and unique content,” as part of the partnership.

John Muse, USA Climbing’s VP of Sport, said, “As we prepare our athletes for international competitions, we need the best possible technology for our Training Center and national events. [Climbing] is a sport where fractions of a second can matter and we are confident that TRUBLUE will help us achieve our best.”

This month kicks off a multi-year partnership between TRUBLUE and USA Climbing. (Photo courtesy of USAC)

Lea Ann Zuellig, President & CEO of Head Rush Technologies, added, “We are thrilled to partner with USA Climbing as their athletes prepare for climbing’s inaugural Olympic Games,” referring to the postponed Tokyo Olympics that are currently scheduled to take place in the summer of 2021.

This past summer, a video on Climbing Business Journal discussed another TRUBLUE partnership—with Chris Sharma’s climbing gym in Barcelona, Spain. And earlier this month, USA Climbing’s 2020-2021 competition season kicked off in gyms around the United States with a virtual format.

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