Sanitizing, Distancing, TRUBLUE: How Chris Sharma’s Gym Is Reopening


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Climbing gyms around the world have been working hard to weather the global COVID pandemic, including Chris Sharma’s gym in Spain. Sharma currently operates a full-service climbing, yoga and fitness facility in Barcelona, and a second gym is under construction in Madrid. Temporarily closed since March, Sharma Climbing Barcelona reopened in June with a number of extra safety measures in place, from hand washing to reservations.

“Another thing that’s really helped is the inclusion of auto-belays in our gym,” says Chris Sharma in a new video. “At that point I had no idea that TRUBLUEs would also be a tool in helping distancing in our gym. With the unique circumstances we’re in, we’ve been able to use TRUBLUEs to do just that: we can space people out. And when people are making appointments to come in and their schedules don’t match up with a partner, we’ve got TRUBLUEs there for them to get in climbing.”

Watch the full video to learn more about Sharma’s journey through this period and ways the gym is keeping its community climbing―and safely.


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