Roca Owner Wins Women’s Business Award


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A Rochester, Minnesota climbing gym owner won the title of “Best Women-Owned Small Business of the Year for the state. Karen Schaar who co-owns “Roca Climbing & Fitness” with her husband Jeremy was surprised to learn she was won the coveted prize. She was nominated through the Small Business Development Office after they asked if she would like to be up for consideration. Schaar filled out the application, but didn’t think much would come of it, that is until she got a letter on Sunday with the big news. “It’s a very big honor. I’m excited, proud, and humbled,” she said.

Her message to other small business owners just starting out is to not give up. “There’s been struggles being a husband and wife and having a family trying to mange… it’s not easy. It’s really tough. But with the support of community and friends and family, they realized the dream we had and helped us get to where we are today.”

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