A Tribute to Keith Dickey


Problem Of The Week: A Tribute from Earth Treks on Vimeo.

The world of indoor climbing is such a new and safe sport that death has rarely touched it. We who live in gyms and grip plastic are not accustomed to hearing that one of our own has passed away. But in February the setter, shaper, father and husband, Keith Dickey lost his year-long battle with cancer.

Keith was a climber. He was a gym setter that knew how to take care of his gym’s members. He was a competition Chief Setter that pushed movement boundaries. He was a hold shaper that understood, at a deep level, what the climber feels when they grab a hold. Keith made his living and supported his family through his work with climbing gyms.

The setters of Earth Treks, where Keith was a setter, paid tribute to his style in a very “moving” way.

You’ll be missed Keith.