Rise Above Launches New Consulting Network

Gavin Heverly consulting
The recently formed Rise Above Consulting Network brings together experienced consultants from around the climbing industry and covers an expansive set of focus areas, from gym design to routesetting, marketing, retail and more. (Pictured: Gavin Heverly leading a group strategy session; image courtesy of Rise Above Consulting)

It was recently announced that Denver-based Rise Above Consulting has launched a “turn-key consulting network,” known as the Rise Above Consulting Network. Consulting services have been offered for climbing gym owners and developers practically since the first gyms started appearing around the United States in the mid-1980s. In the early 1990s, for instance, an advisory and development company called CARP (Climbing Arts, Resources and Productions) operated under the direction of Boulder, Colorado-based climber Ramsay Thomas. Later, in another instance, Bob Richards founded Climbing Wall Advisors. But the new Rise Above Consulting Network is fairly unique in its coverage of such a wide range of topics from a roster of experts—all being made available from a single source.

To that point, Rise Above Consulting Network will feature consulting services and online training from a variety of climbing gym industry professionals. “Whether it’s route setting, human resources and operations, financial planning, marketing strategies, or leadership coaching, The Rise Above Consulting Network covers it all,” noted a press release.

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Industry insiders providing their expertise and services to the network include Gavin Heverly, the former COO at Brooklyn Boulders; Chris Ryan, founder of the Ryan Studio gym construction and design firm; Pete Ward, American Alpine Club board member; Sarah Filler, USA Climbing Level 4 routesetter; Pierre Despagne, renowned routesetter; Todd McCormick, founder of Keystone Climbing Consulting; and Clay Chaszeyka, president of the Harness video marketing agency and Chief Marketing Officer for HMH Outdoors.

Another unique aspect of the new network, in addition to the depth of the featured expertise, will be the network’s availability to the global climbing community. “Clients from around the world can tap into the expertise of industry leaders, fostering a global community dedicated to advancing the industry into the future,” the press release stated.

Rise Above Consulting was founded by Gavin Heverly, who collaborated with CBJ to launch the CBJ Climbing Gym Management Series, a monthly webinar series which resumed this week. Both Heverly and Rise Above Consulting colleague Chris Ryan have previously led sessions at the Climbing Wall Association Summit and the Indoor Climbing Expo.

Pricing details for the new network were not listed on the Rise Above website at the time of this writing.