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A busy week with stuff for everyone. Volunteer calls, USAC Nats news, webinars, a trade show move, ice climbing comp, and wet chalk (!?!). Fresh hold shapes, a DIY wood hold video, and how holds shape outdoor climbs (instead of vice versa?). Plus congrats to the 2149 athletes that competed in the 9 Divisional Championships last weekend! Personal note: as climbers we tend to celebrate our milestones. Today is the 200th time I’ve compiled this Insider email for you. My kids know it’s my “Wednesday night thing”, often finished after midnight, and only missed once. Thanks Naomi for your help. If you read these emails and appreciate them, drop a line sometime, recommend a new source, and know there’s a human on this end, working to serve you. – Scott See The Freshest Job Posts Here

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Routeset at CityROCK – Climbing Jobs Weekly 2024 February 15

image of city rock CBJ hosts the most active job board for climbing businesses and organizations. Below are the latest posts from this past week…
Routesetter CityROCK Colorado Springs, CO “CityROCK is looking for an experienced, driven, and committed Routesetter to join our team. This position is full-time with a competitive salary and benefits. This position requires a strong work ethic, a talent for creating and inspiring movement, and a passion for the craft of Routesetting for a diverse community. We are looking for a self-starter who works well with different personalities, can stay motivated under stress, has a desire to learn the CityROCK culture, and can hit the ground running upon hiring.”


​How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation By Jessica Howington “Ideally, you’ll ask for a letter of recommendation long before you need it. One example would be when you resign from a job. That gives your boss or coworker plenty of time to write it. Likewise, if you want to ask a teacher, asking well before the semester or the school year ends gives them plenty of time to write something thoughtful and helpful instead of rushing and slapping something together.” Read the full article here


See all current jobs // Post your job FT = full time PT = part time
Customer Experience Supervisor at Sender One Santa Ana, CA PT – front desk, instructor
Director of Coaching/Head Coach at Climbing Collective Colorado FT – coach
Youth Team Manager at Movement Boulder, CO PT – coach
Youth Team Manager/Head Coach at Movement Boulder, CO PT – coach
Routesetter at CityROCK Colorado Springs, CO FT – routesetter
Senior Manager of Human Resources at The Spot Front Range, CO FT – manager
Guest Routesetter at projectRock Oakland Park, FL Temp – routesetter
Routesetter at FA Climbing Peoria, IL PT – routesetter
Summer Camp Adventure/Ropes Course Specialist at Ipswich YMCA Beverly, MA FT – instructor, other
Gym Manager at Ruckus Greensboro, NC FT – manager
Facility Manager at 5.Life/Climb Nittany Boalsburg, PA FT – manager
Routesetter at Tufas Philadelphia, PA PT – routesetter
Customer Experience Manager at Mesa Rim Austin, TX FT – manager
Assistant General Manager at Bouldering Project Seattle, WA FT – manager
Youth Programs Instructor at Bouldering Project Seattle, WA PT – instructor
Youth Programs Manager at Edgeworks Seattle, WA FT – instructor, manager
Sales Rep at The Hold Room Remote PT – mktg/sales

Career Centers of Climbing Industry

NAMETYPELOCATION Fund - CO Rock - WI Climbing Adventure Fitness - CA Alpine Club - CO Climbing - OH, PA Studio - CO Collective - CO Project (pick location) - MN, TX, UT, WA Climbing Centre - AB Rock Gym - CT, FL, MA, NY, RI - QC Climbing - CO - Louisville Climbing - OR - Bend / Kumiki / Groperz / eXpression - MN Climbing - IL, PA Grotto - ON - Guelph Rush Technologies // TRUBLUE - CO Point Climbing & Fitness - AL, TN - ON - Milton Climbing Centre - ON - London - OR - Bend - MA, NY, VT - TX, UT, WA Gyms - CA, CO, IL, MD, OR, TX, VA Architecture - CO - QC Climbing - PA - Philipsburg Experiences - VA - MD, VA Age - NM - Albuquerque Front - UT Gravity Vault - CA, NJ, NY, PA North Face Pad - CA, NV Spot - CO // Tenaya - CO - MA Rock Club (choose location) - NC, VA - CO (jobs in UK) Kingdom Solutions // Habit // Proxy // Pebble - UT World - WA - CA, NY, WA Climbing - MO

SupR Expands Production To Peak Performance Polymers

supr grip showcase header SupR Climbing is making waves as the hottest new brand in the climbing scene. With certification from the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and as an official sponsor of USAC, they’ve become the go-to choice for gyms looking for the latest in climbing holds. For up-and-coming competitors, training with SupR holds is essential for gearing up for the challenges of higher-level competitions. Based in Europe, SupR Climbing has expanded its production to the United States through collaboration with Peak Performance Polymers. Their debut series, The Majestics, offers a diverse selection of 46 holds, ranging from screw-on jib rails to features exceeding 3 feet in length. These holds can be produced and shipped out extremely quickly, usually in under 10 days.
SupR is available to purchase in North America from The Hold Room.

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Edgeworks to Open Bouldering Facility Two Miles From Bellevue Location

Edgeworks BRB rendering
Edgeworks Climbing, which operates three full-service gyms across Seattle and Tacoma, has a fourth location (depicted above) on the way—its first bouldering-focused facility. (All images courtesy of Edgeworks)

Edgeworks Bel-Red Boulders Bellevue, Washington

Specs: Edgeworks Climbing, a climbing gym chain in the Pacific Northwest, has announced plans for its newest location: Edgeworks Bel-Red Boulders, or Edgeworks BRB. The 26,400-square-foot, bouldering-focused facility will be located just a short distance away from Edgeworks’ Bellevue Crossroads, per a blog post on the Edgeworks website, and is being designed to “complement and balance the wall features, angles and training components currently offered at [the] Crossroads location.” According to that post, there’s room for more climbing, training and fitness options in the area: “Demand is still high on the eastside; [the] Bellevue Crossroads location is crowded and will be losing some bouldering due to expansion, and Vertical World Redmond has closed.”
The new gym will feature 9,200 square feet of bouldering, including 19-foot walls, two adjustable training boards—Kilter and Moon—and two spray walls of differing angles. Other amenities at Edgeworks BRB will include campus boards, hangboards, free weights and racks, cardio machines, saunas, a yoga studio and group fitness space. Community gathering spaces are also being crafted to “promote downtime between sessions and accommodate remote work options.”
Edgeworks Bellevue Crossroads expansion
The Bellevue Crossroad gym’s new roped climbing terrain, built by EP USA, had its first set this month (pictured).
Two miles away, the Edgeworks Bellevue Crossroads location has been undergoing an expansion to account for the aforementioned demand for more space. This expansion entailed an 8,400-square-foot addition to the building which made room for “10,400 square feet of all new climbing surface, featuring 45-foot walls with 49 additional lines of top rope and lead climbing,” detailed Michelle Scheele, Marketing Director at Edgeworks. The new climbing area is expected to open later this month, following city inspections. Upgrades that have already been completed include a new weight/cardio room and yoga studio, and soon the gym will have a Kilter Board and Tension Board 2.
CBJ Membership
Walls: EP USA Flooring: Flashed CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro Website: Instagram: @edgeworks_brb In Their Words: “We’re always excited when people ask us to bring Edgeworks to their communities! We’re also proud to be the only gym in the Seattle-area market to serve any portion of the South Sound; Tacoma is in fact where we started, and our gyms span the largest area between Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma. But this is not our last project. We’re always seeking our next opportunity to expand the Edgeworks community to new areas.” – the Edgeworks Climbing team

TRUBLUE Trade-In Program Now Available

trublue trade in header

Save $750 When You Upgrade To TRUBLUE iQ By March 31

Now you can save $750 off the price of a new TRUBLUE iQ when you trade in your current auto belay by March 31. The updated TRUBLUE iQ is smaller, lighter, and more durable than the original model. Contact us to learn more and begin the upgrade process! Request Trade In

Additional Savings

By trading in your TRUBLUE Auto Belay before its next annual service appointment, you can save over $1,250. Here’s the price breakdown:
  • $750 trade-in discount applied towards the price of a new TRUBLUE iQ or TRUBLUE iQ XL Auto Belay
  • $269 annual recertification savings
  • $239 new webbing savings
  • PLUS: All new TRUBLUE iQs come with a 2 year warranty

Find Out More

image of trublue autobelays TRUBLUE iQ Specifications Before you upgrade, find out more about the TRUBLUE iQ product specifications and safety certifications. Product Page trublue youtube image Which TRUBLUE Model is Right for You? View our current lineup of TRUBLUE Auto Belays. Discover what upgrades went into designing the TRUBLUE iQ Series. Watch Video
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Latest Research Supports Collagen Use for Connective Tissue and Joint Health

physivantage collagen comparison FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lancaster, PA – 10 February 2024 Many climbers have come to accept chronic soft tissue pain and injury as an inherent part of the sport. However, growing research on the role of collagen supplementation suggests that climbers can take precautionary measures to fortify their connective tissues against the stressors of climbing. Foundational research demonstrates that—when regularly consumed 30 to 60 minutes before introducing a training stimulus—supplemental hydrolyzed collagen powder improves collagen synthesis in connective tissues (1; 2) hastens recovery from power training (3), reduces joint pain (4; 5; 6), and supports soft tissue injury rehabilitation alongside heavy isometric or eccentric loading (7; 8; 9). More recently, additional peer-reviewed studies now demonstrate that properly dosed and timed collagen supplementation also improves the rate of force development in strength training (10), increases tendon hypertrophy (11), improves joint functionality and muscle recovery (12), decreases the incidence of non-impact ACL rupture (13), supports patellar tendon strength (14), supports skin hydration and elasticity (15), and even aids in the treatment of conditions like Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis (16). PhysiVāntage Nutrition offers climbers the opportunity to take advantage of collagen as a proven method for supporting the health and resilience of their connective tissues. The brand’s collagen supplement abides by the dosage and formulation proven most effective in these thorough studies: 10 to 15 grams of collagen peptides per serving, supercharged with vitamin C and the amino acids l-tryptophan and l-leucine. This raises Supercharged Collagen a bar above other collagen supplements on the market by making it a complete protein source for optimal protein synthesis throughout the body. To reap the benefits of supplementation, climbers should stick to the research-backed protocol of consuming Supercharged Collagen before training. Tendons and ligaments absorb nutrients most directly when paired with heavy loading. Registered sports dietitian Amity Warme likens consuming collagen to “sticking a letter in the mail, but it’s the loading of the joints and tendons that puts the address on the letter so that it’s targeted to the desired location.” Supercharged Collagen sources grass-fed, non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen powder in a concentration of 11 grams per scoop, and available in six flavors, manufactured in the USA: unflavored original, vanilla, chocolate, peach mango, pomegranate berry, and lemon honey tea. PhysiVantage collagen is recommended by top coaches and clinicians, and used by professional climbers including Daniel Woods, Paige Claassen, Matt Fultz, Drew Ruana, and Sera Gearhart, among others. PhysiVantage offers a 30% pro-deal discount to climbing industry professionals. Apply here >> Gym retail inquiries contact: About PhysiVāntage Nutrition PhysiVāntage is the first complete line of performance nutrition products for climbers. Bringing together decades of climbing and coaching experience with the latest clinical research and sports science, PhysiVāntage is dedicated to creating innovative and highly effective nutritional supplements that are safe, natural, and ethical. Their research-based formulas are designed to support muscle recovery and strength gains, improve power endurance and stamina, reduce injury risk, and accelerate rehab and healing after injury. The brand aspires to help athletes build stronger, more powerful, and injury-resistant bodies for pursuing their performance goals and sustaining health and strength over the long arc of their outdoor recreational journey.
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USA Climbing Announces Locations For 2024 Collegiate National Championships

image of alta climbing and fitness
Image courtesy of Alta Climbing & Fitness.
Salt Lake City, UT – February 8, 2024 – The Collegiate National Championships return for 2024 and will be hosted at Alta Climbing & Fitness in Gilbert, AZ, as well as Alta Boulders & Fitness in Chandler, AZ, May 24-26. The Collegiate National Championships will determine national champions and select the U.S. Collegiate National Team athletes who will represent USA at the 2024 FISU World University Championships. The 2024 Team will be composed of the top three (3) ranked US athletes per gender per discipline. “What an incredible opportunity to showcase the passion, dedication, and sheer talent of collegiate climbers from universities nationwide as they converge on our walls,” said Deborah Smith, Owner of Alta Climbing & Fitness. “It’s not just about the competition; it’s a celebration of unity, sportsmanship, and the exhilarating spirit of climbing.” Registration will be available following the collegiate qualifying events. Information regarding lodging and spectating will also be shared closer to the event. ABOUT USA CLIMBING: USA Climbing is the national governing body for competitive climbing in the United States, supporting athletes, coaches, and events across the country. As a nonprofit organization, USA Climbing’s mission is to promote the growth and development of climbing while advocating for the sport’s values of inclusivity, sportsmanship, and environmental responsibility. For more information contact: Patrick Bodnar | Marketing & Communications Director | To learn more about USAC, visit Follow USAC on social media @usaclimbing
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February 28 Webinar: Your Sustainable Routesetting Program

Your Sustainable Routesetting Program

Is Your Routesetting Program Built to Last?

With the climbing industry continuing to expand, it’s increasingly important to design a routesetting program that meets your gym’s unique needs and keeps you competitive. We will discuss ways to attract and retain talent while being mindful of budgets, as well as structuring a program in a way that reflects the priorities of your community and brand. Bring your questions and perspective, as this will be a discussion-filled webinar. This webinar is intended for both gym managers and routesetting leaders. Ready to learn more? Join us Wednesday, February 28th at 12:00pm MDT for “Your Sustainable Routesetting Program”. Hosts Foxman McCarthy-James and Justin Wright of Vortex Routesetting will lead this webinar as part of the ongoing CBJ Climbing Gym Management Series. CBJ Members: RSVP Here for Free Access** Not a Member? Purchase Access Here for $59
Routesetter Bundle from Chalk Cartel

All staff of CBJ members are invited!

**Live webinars are offered as a FREE member benefit to staff of CBJ member businesses at the Biz level and above (check if your employer is a member here). Each staff member must RSVP, although managers can RSVP for multiple staff. On-demand video recordings are available to staff at Plus or Premium member businesses and individual purchasers. Questions about accessing these recordings? Email us at See All CBJ Webinar Recordings Here

Meet your presenters:

Vortex Routesetting is a data-driven consulting company focused on providing climbing gym owners, managers and routesetters with the best information available to build their programs. From initial hold orders and sets to salaries, workloads and departmental structuring, Vortex specializes in providing you with solutions and resources based on market data.
Principals Foxman McCarthy-James and Justin Wright are both Head Setters with experience launching and scaling gyms. @vortexroutesetting
Vortex Routesetting

New Climbing Holds & Volumes: February 2024

Explore our February lineup showcasing avant-garde grips from a handpicked selection of 16 leading companies. Macros, dynamic volumes and precision textures—transform your late winter fitness journey with ergonomic excellence. BRANDS INCLUDED BELOW: Bat Holds – BluepillEssential Climbing – Kilter GripsPolytalon GmbH – Sup’rUrban PlastixVirgin GripsArcticgripsEntropy HoldsIBEX Climbing HoldsNicros – Rustam ClimbingSecret HoldsUnitUnleashed Climbing
TACO Skin Sander from Chalk Cartel


New from Bat Holds: B2


New from Bluepill: Fiber Impressions North American Distribution by: Bold Climbing


New from Essential Climbing: Captain Crux Red


New from Kilter Grips: Granite 2XL Complex Dual Tex Jugs & Blockers



New from Polytalon GmbH: Melon Spax BOWMelon Wood Volumes CompleteMelon Combo: Holds + 8 Volumes


New from Sup’r: Lances


New from Unit: Blade Runner Macros North American Distribution by: Bold Climbing


New from Urban Plastix: Duncan’s Eggdrop M1 Juggy Pinches



New from Virgin Grips: FIGHTERS Complete SetFIGHTER 9UFO Set A1-B3UFO C1UFO D1 North American Distribution by: Solostile Climbing Lab


New from Arcticgrips: Eroded Jugs


New from Entropy Holds: Equilibrium


New from Ibex Climbing Holds: BETA Pinches Giga


New from Nicros: Quad 1


New from Rustam Climbing: Kaizen ABS macros


New from Secret Holds: Granite 2xXXL Jugs


New from Unleashed Climbing: Comma Rails

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Each month we publish a list of recent hold, volume, and training gear releases. Brands that self-report using this form will be included for free.

Climb Insider: podcasts, youth, a mentorship video

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It’s a week of fresh podcasts. Gym founders in a small Utah town. An Olympian. A training guru’s Kilter Board debut. Exercises and injuries. Also a focus on children’s mental health, and why they matter to gyms. A few routesetting videos. And CBJ’s 11th annual industry trends report. Yeah, don’t miss that one, it’s our best ever. See The Freshest Job Posts Here

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