Trango Appoints Industry Veteran Stefan Yuhasz as Pacific Northwest Sales Rep

image of Stefan Yuhasz

image of Stefan Yuhasz

Trango, the Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of premier climbing gear and holds, proudly welcomes industry veteran Stefan Yuhasz as the brand’s sales rep for the Pacific Northwest region. Yuhasz will manage accounts in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana for Trango. Additionally, as Trango is the sole US distributor for Tenaya footwear, Yuhasz will work to enhance the premiere climbing shoe brand’s visibility and market share in the Pacific Northwest.

A Massachusetts native who honed his skills on New England granite, Yuhasz has spent over half his life climbing and working in the industry. “Whether bouldering in Farley, sport climbing in Rumney, or tackling the granite domes of North Conway, I spent my younger years obsessed with climbing,” says Yuhasz. “Climbing opened a door to a life of exploration that changed my trajectory. It has led to countless stories and lifelong friendships. Ultimately, climbing brought me to Washington state, where you can find me climbing at some of my favorite places like Index or Leavenworth.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Stefan to the Trango sales team,” says Keith Patterson, Trango Vice President. “Our sales reps are known for their strong support of local climbing communities and their expertise in equipment, holds, and customer service. Stefan excels in all these areas, and we are excited to have him represent the brand in the Pacific Northwest.”

Yuhasz brings extensive experience in climbing and climbing gyms. The Seattle-based, USAC level 4 route setter also serves as Head Setter for Seattle Bouldering Project. “I have held almost every job in a climbing gym,” Yuhasz shares. “I started at the front desk at my local gym and then progressed to coach, guide, and ultimately route setter, where I have spent the majority of my career. Like my personal climbing, setting has taken me all over the country, and I have had the honor of collaborating with dozens of setters, both local and international. Four years ago, I moved west, like many East Coasters, with bigger mountains in sight.”

Yuhasz has been a fan of Trango products both professionally and personally for years and is eager to share his knowledge with the brand’s gym and retail partners. “I believe that whether it’s a gym or local gear shop, we only succeed if they succeed, and I aim to offer the products and knowledge they need to be successful,” says Yuhasz. His primary goal is to support Trango’s gym and retail partners by providing excellent service while staying true to the spirit of the climbing community. “Trango has always valued its relationship with the climbing community and those in it,” acknowledges Yuhasz. “The brand has stayed true to the foundation of what makes this community unique. Our industry is a big part of our community, and I am excited to be part of a company that values the people who make it up.”

About Trango: Founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1991, Trango is an athlete-driven brand dedicated to challenging the status quo of climbing and advancing indoor gym technology. In addition to designing and producing premier climbing equipment, Trango is the sole US distributor for Tenaya climbing shoes. At Trango, we create innovative equipment that climbers trust. Our company is passionate about solution-oriented products that help climbers pursue the sport we love. You can count on Trango gear to deliver something extra, something special, that will contribute to your climbing adventure, indoors or out.

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