Oregon Bouldering Gym At Stake

Outside the Tigard Circuit. Photo: KPTV

The Circuit Bouldering Gym in Tigard may be at stake because of a transportation project, with a proposed Light Rail line that could run right through its building according to KPTV.

The alternative route TriMet proposed at the beginning of the year puts The Circuit in the crosshairs of construction.

“Literally they would take our business and tear it down to make way for the rail,” said Danny Burkhead, the general manager of The Circuit.

The Circuit operates three bouldering gyms in the Portland, Oregon metro area and the people at The Circuit in Tigard are fearful they’ll lose all the hard work that’s been put into the location, including the community they’ve built.

TriMet says affected business owners would be paired with a relocation specialist, helping them to find what’s on the market and what would fit their needs. They’d also cover moving expenses, according to Jennifer Koozer, TriMet’s community affairs manager.

The entire MAX line will be finalized in May, according to TriMet, but construction might not even start for four more years.

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