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For the past 10 years, hundreds of climbing gyms around the world have relied on Rock Gym Pro’s member management software to run their business. In fact, over 90% of all climbing facilities use our software to run their daily operations with over 100,000 check-ins – each day!  We’re proud to be an integral part of such an amazing industry and community. We truly love what we do.

As the industry leader, we’re fortunate to be able to interact with hundreds of gyms on a monthly basis – from small facilities to big multigym operations. And while each gym’s operational processes are unique, over the years we’ve found that most successful climbing facilities can agree that there are certain things their member management software needs to do. We wanted to share these insights with you below:

We also wanted to introduce ourselves to those new to the climbing gym business. Although we refer to ourselves as the “industry leader”, we’re really just a small group of climbing enthusiasts in Bend, Oregon, passionate about the community we serve and passionate about seeing our customers succeed.

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Top 10 Things Successful Gyms Need
From Their Management Software

  1. Robust Waiver/Document Management
    The signing of waivers and the secure storage of legal documents are critical components to running a climbing business. Make sure whoever built your waiver solution knows what they’re doing.RGP provides…both a free, seamlessly integrated Smartwaiver solution as well as an integrated RGP document system. Smartwaiver is the leading digital waiver service (and sister company of RGP) trusted by thousands of organizations and has been legally tested for 7+ years with over 50+ million legal, digital documents signed.  RGP + Smartwaiver’s integrated document system can seamlessly handle all of your liability waivers, orientation forms, belay checks, and even membership contracts.
  2. Comprehensive Member Management Features
    Gyms need a powerful, flexible and automated system to administer the often complicated tasks of member management.  It’s not enough to simply bill your members each month – your staff need the right tools to deliver excellent customer service to your members.RGP provides…everything a climbing facility needs to manage members, including: handling of the member payment lifecycle, failed payment notification, freeze/thaw options, kiosk and online membership sales, integrated membership contracts, member portals that give members the ability to self manage their own membership and iOS/Android app for member check-ins.
  3. Day User Management
    A large part of a gym’s revenue comes from drop-in, day users. Members are important – but so are day users! You need a flexible system that can handle your day user workflows just as well as it handles member management workflows.RGP provides…an easy to use set of tools for quickly getting your day users in the gym efficiently, including the integrated waiver.document system and POS functions that do not require clumsy and sluggish logins from your day users.
  4. Staff Accountability
    There’s a lot going on at your gym all the time. When multiple employees are performing multiple actions in the software – usually while sharing workstations, you need to know who did what and when.RGP provides…staff PINS which can be assigned to each staff member using RGP. If there’s ever an issue you want to investigate, the Admin can create an audit log that shows things like; which items in RGP were deleted, when the cash drawer was opened, when payments were voided and who performed the action.   Every staff action is tracked, and even if staff share a workstation at a busy front desk, individual tasks will be logged under their name.
  5. Easy Ways to Manage Classes, Groups, and Events
    It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of all of the classes, groups and events like birthday parties that are offered at your gym. You need a way to easily keep track of it all.RGP provides…a comprehensive calendar and booking system that allows you to build complex recurring schedules and prices, assign staff and resources to specific events, sell online gift cards, create and manage individual events and allow customers to book it all online with just a few clicks.
  6. Retail Capabilities
    If you’re selling retail items at your facility, you need a POS system that is quick, reliable and scalable.RGP provides…a powerful POS and inventory management system that gyms of any size can use – from a small retail shop to the largest retail climbing gym environments.
  7. Reporting and Accounting
    It’s your gym – you need to know what’s going on with the numbers.RGP provides… hundreds of reports/charts and powerful customer queries for segmenting your customers. On the accounting side, RGP is seamlessly integrated with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop making it super simple to get the books in order.
  8. Easy Online Sales
    You need to keep the online booking and sales process easy for your customers – eliminating any unnecessary barriers. Your customers shouldn’t have to leave your website to book online.RGP provides…the ability for your customers to book classes and purchase memberships without having to create an online account and without having to leave your website. Keeping it simple and keeping it all within your brand.
  9. Deployment Options
    Each climbing facility is unique. You need software that is flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs.RGP provides…TWO deployment options. You can use either the installed version of RGP OR RGP Cloud. With RGP Cloud you get the speed of installed software with the convenience of accessing your data and files in the cloud.
  10. Dedicated and Knowledgeable Staff
    You need people on your side that know what they’re talking about – not just about software, but about any operational challenges you’ll face at your gym too. You want people who can relate to what your employees face every day.RGP provides…support from experienced folks. Everyone at RGP that supports the product has either owned or worked in a climbing gym. We actually get it!

Rock Gym Pro has come a long way since it was first developed. Through the years, we’ve continually kept our pulse on the shifting needs of our customers and we bust our butts to make sure those needs are met. Just about every feature we’ve built into RGP was a direct result of our customers’ feedback. We plan to continue developing new solutions that will help climbing facilities succeed well into the future.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to chat.

Shoot us an email or give us a call: 541.316.5747 www.rockgympro.com


This story was paid for and produced by the sponsor and does not necessarily represent the views of the Climbing Business Journal editorial team.
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Rock Gym Pro has been serving the climbing gym industry since 2008 and is the most popular climbing gym management software in North America. Hundreds of high-volume climbing facilities around the world rely on RGP, with 25+ million unique users, 30+ million documents stored, 100+ million check-ins, and $2+ billion in transactions processed over the years. RGP has continued to elevate its offerings since joining Togetherwork in 2018, developing the RGP API, RGP Stripe Custom, and more tools built to keep your gym ahead of the curve. Get started today.