New Gym’s Story Is Anything But “Common”

The Commons
The Commons
Photo: The Commons Climbing Gym

The Commons Climbing Gym
Boise, ID

Specs: More than 14,000 square feet of space incorporates 60 roped anchors with walls as high as 45 feet. Architecturally, the space features a belay training ledge, cracks, two speed climbing walls, lead walls, top ropes, and autobelays. There is also a bouldering area that measures 110 linear feet. A MoonBoard, treadwall, spray board, fingerboard, and campus board round out the climbing training accouterments. The gym also features cardio equipment, free weights, and a studio for yoga and dance classes. An additional building leased by a brewery is in the works as well. The entire operation was the result of eight members of the now-closed Urban Ascent forming an LLC to get a new gym off the ground.

The Commons
Photo: The Commons Climbing Gym

Walls: Entre-Prises
Flooring: Cascade Specialty / Impact Floor Systems
CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro
Website: (A “hold drive” is currently taking place via the website, with donations being accepted.)

In Their Words: “All of the people on the ownership team came from Urban Ascent, and we decided to give this a go when hundreds of members from Urban Ascent reached out to us in the final months of business there, which is kind of the coolest part of the story in my mind.”
—Clint Colwell, General Manager

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