Climbing Insider News Weekly: October 30

Climbing Insider News Weekly: October 30
Image courtesy of Daniel Gajda

With so much going virtual lately, there’s no shortage of valuable articles, videos and podcasts being published online around the climbing industry. We highlight some of the major storylines from last week below. To get all the latest news in your inbox and before this roundup hits the web, sign-up for our weekly Insider newsletter here.

Climbing Insider News Weekly: October 30
Photo by Daniel Gajda (@gajdaphotography)

Just a few thoughts…

Organizers have been working hard to get out the vote, and organizers in the climbing industry included. The American Alpine Club and the Access Fund both have voting resources on their websites, and gyms and climbers have been getting active as well. In the words of Tommy Caldwell, “Voting is definitely the low-hanging fruit.” This round especially feels important to not leave it hanging.

Content for Climbing Insiders

Send it to the Polls (American Alpine Club)
“These last few months have highlighted what’s at stake this November. To protect each other, stand up for public lands, and fight for equitable climate action, every climber needs to make it to the polls this voting season.” – AAC

Podcast: Operating This Body is Dangerous (The Power Company)
“Brandon Belcher is an Atlanta based climber who loves slopers and cats and carefully chooses his words. Those words often carry an important impact – one that many of us need to better understand.” – The Power Company

The Night Climbers of Cambridge (Ronald Turnbull, UK Climbing)
“Closer to home, though, Cambridge does boast its own cliffs. Not of tuffs and lavas of the Ordovician period, but of more mixed stones no more than half a millennium old, forming the courtyards, chapels and libraries of the University.” – Ronald Turnbull

Pre-Order Route Setter Magazine #3 (Vertical Life)

Gumby Academy (Owen Clarke, Rock & Ice)

Upcoming Virtual Events

Banff Mountain Film Festival Oct 31 – Nov 8

No Man’s Land showings Oct – Nov

Halls and Walls Nov 6

Access Fund’s Climbing Advocacy Conference Nov 14-15

Vertical Life Film Tour Nov – Dec

Beta for Gym Managers

Making Your Gym More Inclusive – Adaptive Climbing Edition (Holly Chen, CWA)
“Making climbing gyms accessible and inclusive for climbers with physical disabilities goes beyond having an adaptive climbing program. It’s a start, but here are some other things to consider.” – Holly Chen

Tier reducing capacity? Things to consider while we do our work (CICC)
“It’s possible that the United States (and the rest of the world) is entering into a second wave of the pandemic. It is very wise to consider the real possibility of State ordered closures occurring during the Holiday season…” – CICC

Video: Q&A with USA Climbing CEO (USAC)
“We sit down with USA Climbing CEO Marc Norman for a live Q&A on the upcoming 2020-2021 season.” – USAC

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CBJ Original Articles

Climbing Gyms Encourage Voting as Presidential Election Nears (John Burgman)
“Our climbing community is strong because folks participate in its existence, likewise for our country and democracy, irrespective of one’s climbing/political beliefs.” – Michael Cano

Blue Swan Boulders Opens in Colorado as Part of Creative Redevelopment (CBJ)
“Looking at the available markets in the US, I knew that Florida was one of the only areas of the country where there wasn’t significant building happening of modern climbing gyms.” – Dean Privett

Homewalls, Routesetting and Training Tips

Homewall of the Week 28: Clean, Simple Office Woodie in CT (CBJ)
“The main motivation for the wall was to keep climbing. My daughter and I started climbing about 1.5 year ago. With the gyms closed during pandemic, we wanted to stay strong and maintain progress.” – Alex K.

Video: Recipes for Routsetting with Kegan Minock (Tyler Norton, Plastic Weekly

The Ultimate 28-Day At-Home Climbing Training Routine (Gripped)
“As many people are starting and leaving 14-day and 28-day quarantines for work, due to exposure or because of local restrictions, we believe this will become a good resource for climbers to stay motivated.” – Gripped

3 Ways to Develop Your Strongest Core (Alex Stiger, Training Beta)
“If you are wanting to strengthen your core to help you be a stronger climber we have to train those muscles differently than if we want a healthy, supportive core for our non-sport activities. Doing the same exercises over and over at the same intensity does not result in continual adaptations of the muscles we want to strengthen.” – Alex Stiger

Video: Climb HARDER – The Replica Method (Lattice Training)
“Replica building is a highly effective method for refining your movement, power and other physiological adaptations (+ psychology as well!) specific to your project.” – Lattice Training