Climbing Insider News Weekly: March 26

Climbing Insider News Weekly March 26
Photo by Luke Webster @lukewebstr

Just a few thoughts

With National Team Trials starting today in Memphis, back-to-back World Cups scheduled in Salt Lake City in May, and now a Paraclimbing World Cup coming to Los Angeles in October, there are big plans for comp climbing underway stateside. The prospect of the LA 2028 Olympics seems closer and closer on the horizon…for Paraclimbing too.

Stuff for Insiders

The Mawem Brothers – Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (Natalie Berry, UK Climbing)
“The brothers have experienced racism in their everyday lives and ‘a clash of cultures’ on their travels to international competitions. Mickael is frequently stopped by the police and brusquely interrogated, only to be released with deferred respect when his status as an elite athlete representing France is revealed. Bassa speaks of a divisive intolerance of difference that pervades society, from racism to ableism.” – Natalie Berry

Access Fund Brings On Michelle Estrella to Lead Finance and Operations (Access Fund)
“I’m deeply passionate about supporting the connection people have with their public lands through responsible recreation and stewardship…It is an honor to join Access Fund’s team and contribute to its effort in creating an inclusive climbing community.” – Michelle Estrella

Behind the merger of the industry’s two biggest climbing magazines (Eric Smith, Outside Business Journal)
“With more resources, we’ll be able to put out a better magazine. One thing that won’t change is our core mission, which has always been to represent the climbing community and be an authentic voice for the sport.” – Duane Raleigh

Podcast: Climbing Terms We Don’t Like (The Power Company)
“I’m a firm believer in the power of words. Intention and context are important, but equally important is how something is generally received.” – Kris Hampton



Latest From CWA

Inside Voices – A Movement To Save Our Indoor Climbing Spaces

Where Is The Stimulus For Climbing Gyms? (Garnet Moore)
“The latest version of the GYMS Act was filed with the House of Representatives in early February 2021 and has been gaining bipartisan support. However, with the uncertain future of another larger stimulus package, there is a significant uphill battle to seeing this legislation passed.” – Garnet Moore

You’ve Reopened. You’re Serious On Safety. Do Your Members Know It? (Jake Byk)
“We can’t control what this pandemic will do to our industry, but we can take steps to make it safer to come into the gym. Equally important, make sure your members see the steps you’re taking.” – Jake Byk

Training Tips + Techniques

How To Focus In Climbing (Jon Cardwell, Gym Climber)
“I always thought that focusing for climbing meant zooming in and analyzing all the details, which in some ways it is, however it’s more important to open your perspective and let go of all the details getting in the way.” – Jon Cardwell

Video: Finger Injuries in Climbers (Lattice Training)

Ballet Exercises for Climbers (Rosie Mackley, UK Climbing)
“One of the key benefits of ballet for climbers is to increase the movement vocabulary of climbers; to provide more possibilities for the body and therefore increase the ways in which a movement on a wall can be done.” – Rosie Mackley

CBJ Originals

Signs of Gym Employment Growth as Spring Arrives

New Pittsburgh Gym Mixes Hometown Appreciation and European Flair
“The Midwest, in general…and the Rust Belt…all of these places are full of people like myself who maybe don’t (or didn’t) fit into traditional sports. Well, climbing made my life considerably better, so my goal has always been to provide that same opportunity to people in Pittsburgh.” – Dean Privett

National Team Trials to Air on YouTube (John Burgman)

Sender One to Host a Paraclimbing World Cup Later This Year (John Burgman)
“We all remember what we felt during the Pan-American Championships. I think we could all use some inspiration and joy.” – Alice Kao

Spotlight on the 90s: Pacific Edge (John Burgman)
“There aren’t too many climbing gyms in the world where you can walk from the gym and be on a beach in four blocks.” – Hans Florine

Vertical Solutions and Project Financing
“The opportunity and experience in working with our clients at this level of engagement and sharing our passion and knowledge is personally fulfilling to me as it reminds me of my early years with The Front and trying to make it work.” – Dustin Buckthal

HWOW 49: Multi-Angle Carport Homewall

Vertical Solutions