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job seeker in climbing gym

job seeker in climbing gym

Are you looking to hire qualified indoor climbing professionals?
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The Climbing Business Journal has been matching top candidates with top positions in climbing for years and maintains one of the industry’s most popular job boards.

For businesses, we offer two affordable options for posting job openings, displayed for up to 60 days:

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For professionals, we offer free browsing of all current job listings. Below are recently posted jobs (find more jobs here):

  1. Climbing Centre Operations Manager at The Castle Climbing Centre in London, ENG
  2. Head Routesetter at Method Climbing in Newark, NJ
  3. Gym Manager at Inner Peaks in Charlotte, NC
  4. Assistant Head Routesetter at Project Rock in Oakland Park, FL
  5. General Manager at Island Rock in Long Island, NY
  6. Technical Sales and Support Representative at Aerial Adventure Tech in Todd, NC
  7. Elite Team Climbing Coach at ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder, CO
  1. Production Manager – Molding and Creating Climbing Holds at Vertical Solutions in Salt Lake City, UT
  2. Traveling Carpenter at Vertical Solutions in varied locations
  3. Assistant Head Route Setter at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA
  4. Youth Team Head Coach / Adult Team Head Coach at Metrock Rock in Everett, MA
  5. Assistant Head Route Setter at Planet Granite in Portland, OR
  6. Collegiate and Paraclimbing Series Manager at USA Climbing in Salt Lake City, UT
  7. Sponsorship and Development Director at USA Climbing in Salt Lake City, UT
  8. Head Route Setter at Vertical View in Meridian, ID
  9. Routesetter/Coach at Denver Bouldering Club in Denver, CO
  10. Lead Coach at Earth Treks in Golden, CO
  11. Director of Setting at Earth Treks/Planet Granite/El Cap in Englewood/Golden, CO
  12. Senior Routesetter at Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA
  13. General Manager at Brooklyn Boulders Hacienda in Hueco Tanks, TX
  14. Route Setter at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, MA

We often publish news about major hires at larger climbing businesses as well. If you are a manufacturer or chain of gyms that just hired a new C.E.O. please send us your press release!

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