Butora’s Best Move: Rental Climbing Shoes That Last

Butora's new Habara Markless DoubleToe, with even more durability than the original. All photos courtesy of Butora
One of Butora's rental climbing shoes that last: the new Habara Markless DoubleToe.
Butora’s new Habara Markless DoubleToe, with exceptional durability. All photos courtesy of Butora

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We don’t need to tell you how popular climbing has become. With more than 500 gyms across the United States at the end of 2019 and an estimated 44.5 million climbers worldwide, our sport has grown significantly in the last few decades. As hundreds of climbing gyms reopen their doors soon, the need for high-performing, durable rental shoe products is greater than ever.

In 2016 and 2017, Butora’s team went around the country asking gym owners what they wanted. Over and over again, we heard “a comfortable, high-performance rental shoe that lasts a long time.” We went back to the drawing board in 2018, developing two new shoes in 2019 with that same idea in mind, rejuvenating our 2020 line of rental options.

The DoubleToe: Exceptional Durability

From our markless rental shoe option to our most current innovation—the DoubleToe―Butora sets the bar for not only comfort and performance but also innovation. Owning our own factory―where we make the rubber, the complete shoe, everything―has allowed us to try out new products and see what works. The DoubleToe works. No plasticky, low-performing discomfort here. The DoubleToe performs, is comfortable, and it’s super durable.

The new Habara Markless DoubleToe offers the same comfort, performance and odor-fighting properties as the original Habara Markless, but now there is an additional toe cap for exceptional durability.

What New Climbers Care About Most

Many of our competitors resort to using lower-cost and lower-quality rubber on their rental shoes. While this may save cost initially, it diminishes a new climber’s first experience and dramatically decreases stickiness, performance and comfort (what new climbers care about most).

At Butora, we think it’s critical that visitors to your gym become long-term members, and a great way to increase the likelihood of membership is by providing a stellar experience. The first ‘experience’ when walking into a climbing gym often consists of putting on a pair of rental shoes. We feel strongly that the performance and comfort of those shoes are critical to retaining new climbers.

Rental climbing shoes that last: a comparison from the DoubleToe to the Sparrow.

In addition to the new Habara Markless DoubleToe, Butora offers:

  • Size 16 and 17 (you asked, we listened)
  • Increased sizing (sizes on the DoubleToe have been decreased to more closely match your customer’s street shoe size. Example: old Butora rental shoe size 10 is now size 9 in DoubleToe)
  • Truly custom rental shoe options
  • Our custom logos are made from forged rubber, not printed
  • Round toe options. A custom-rounded toe for more toebox space and even greater comfort
  • Vegan options available
  • To get straight to the details, visit us here to learn more

If you take your gym business seriously and want the best experience for your customers, we are here to provide solutions. To learn more about the new Habara DoubleToe or any of our rental offerings, please visit us here.

―Team Butora


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