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Comp Coach

Customer Experience Manager

Sender One
Los Angeles, CA

“A Youth Program Comp Team Coach is someone who is enthusiastic and proactive in the development of the next generation of climbers. Comp Team Coaches are patient, understanding, and help each climber prepare for the physical and mental development for competitions.

A Customer Experience Manager is someone who develops the team and embodies Sender Ones core values when making decisions. As a coach and mentor, the Customer Experience Manager ensures all Sender One staff and Shift Leads are providing an outstanding experience to new visitors, guests, members, and partners who walk through our doors.”

Trango Holds Pardners


Top 6 skills for managers and professionals in any industry
By Career Builder

“Effective communication, both written and in-person, is essential for managers. Some duties of this position, such as meeting deadlines or scheduling events, require the ability to delegate tasks to those individuals on your team who are best suited to accomplish them. For example, if a member of your team has an exceptional typing speed, they might be well-suited to the task of responding to emails, while another employee may be well-spoken and charismatic, making them the best person to give presentations on projects. Communicating with your employees helps you better understand their strengths and weaknesses.”

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FT = full time
PT = part time

Head Routesetter at Gecko Phoenix, AZ FT – routesetter
Comp Coach at Sender One Los Angeles, CA PT – coach, instructor
Customer Experience Manager at Sender One Los Angeles, CA FT – front desk, manager
Recreational Youth Coach at The Spot Denver, CO PT – coach, instructor
Youth Programs Manager at The Spot Front Range, CO FT – manager
Fundraiser Director (Volunteer Position) at Project Send It Remote/Denver, CO PT – other
Routesetter + Assistant Team Coach at BETA Stamford, CT FT – coach, routesetter
Marketing Coordinator at Everlast Minneapolis, MN FT – mktg/sales
Program Supervisor at Whitewater Charlotte, NC FT – other
Instructor at Gravity Vault Montclair, NJ PT – instructor
Team Coach at Gravity Vault Montclair, NJ PT – other
Instructor at Gravity Vault Upper Saddle River, NJ PT – instructor
Yoga Instructor at Gravity Vault Upper Saddle River, NJ PT – instructor
Comp Team Coach at Vital Brooklyn, NY PT – coach
Directory of Customer Advocacy at Mosaic Climbing Loveland, OH FT – manager
Delivery Manager at REYT Sheffield, UK FT – manager
Youth Coach at Source Vancouver, WA PT – coach, front desk, instructor

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