TRUBLUE Trade-In Program Now Available

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trublue trade in header

Save $750 When You Upgrade To TRUBLUE iQ By March 31

Now you can save $750 off the price of a new TRUBLUE iQ when you trade in your current auto belay by March 31. The updated TRUBLUE iQ is smaller, lighter, and more durable than the original model. Contact us to learn more and begin the upgrade process!

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Additional Savings

By trading in your TRUBLUE Auto Belay before its next annual service appointment, you can save over $1,250. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • $750 trade-in discount applied towards the price of a new TRUBLUE iQ or TRUBLUE iQ XL Auto Belay
  • $269 annual recertification savings
  • $239 new webbing savings
  • PLUS: All new TRUBLUE iQs come with a 2 year warranty

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TRUBLUE iQ Specifications

Before you upgrade, find out more about the TRUBLUE iQ product specifications and safety certifications.

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Which TRUBLUE Model is Right for You?
View our current lineup of TRUBLUE Auto Belays. Discover what upgrades went into designing the TRUBLUE iQ Series.

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