Latest Research Supports Collagen Use for Connective Tissue and Joint Health

physivantage collagen comparison

physivantage collagen comparison

Lancaster, PA – 10 February 2024

Many climbers have come to accept chronic soft tissue pain and injury as an inherent part of the sport. However, growing research on the role of collagen supplementation suggests that climbers can take precautionary measures to fortify their connective tissues against the stressors of climbing.

Foundational research demonstrates that—when regularly consumed 30 to 60 minutes before introducing a training stimulus—supplemental hydrolyzed collagen powder improves collagen synthesis in connective tissues (1; 2) hastens recovery from power training (3), reduces joint pain (4; 5; 6), and supports soft tissue injury rehabilitation alongside heavy isometric or eccentric loading (7; 8; 9).

More recently, additional peer-reviewed studies now demonstrate that properly dosed and timed collagen supplementation also improves the rate of force development in strength training (10), increases tendon hypertrophy (11), improves joint functionality and muscle recovery (12), decreases the incidence of non-impact ACL rupture (13), supports patellar tendon strength (14), supports skin hydration and elasticity (15), and even aids in the treatment of conditions like Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis (16).

PhysiVāntage Nutrition offers climbers the opportunity to take advantage of collagen as a proven method for supporting the health and resilience of their connective tissues. The brand’s collagen supplement abides by the dosage and formulation proven most effective in these thorough studies: 10 to 15 grams of collagen peptides per serving, supercharged with vitamin C and the amino acids l-tryptophan and l-leucine. This raises Supercharged Collagen a bar above other collagen supplements on the market by making it a complete protein source for optimal protein synthesis throughout the body.

To reap the benefits of supplementation, climbers should stick to the research-backed protocol of consuming Supercharged Collagen before training. Tendons and ligaments absorb nutrients most directly when paired with heavy loading. Registered sports dietitian Amity Warme likens consuming collagen to “sticking a letter in the mail, but it’s the loading of the joints and tendons that puts the address on the letter so that it’s targeted to the desired location.”

Supercharged Collagen sources grass-fed, non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen powder in a concentration of 11 grams per scoop, and available in six flavors, manufactured in the USA: unflavored original, vanilla, chocolate, peach mango, pomegranate berry, and lemon honey tea. PhysiVantage collagen is recommended by top coaches and clinicians, and used by professional climbers including Daniel Woods, Paige Claassen, Matt Fultz, Drew Ruana, and Sera Gearhart, among others.

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About PhysiVāntage Nutrition

PhysiVāntage is the first complete line of performance nutrition products for climbers. Bringing together decades of climbing and coaching experience with the latest clinical research and sports science, PhysiVāntage is dedicated to creating innovative and highly effective nutritional supplements that are safe, natural, and ethical. Their research-based formulas are designed to support muscle recovery and strength gains, improve power endurance and stamina, reduce injury risk, and accelerate rehab and healing after injury. The brand aspires to help athletes build stronger, more powerful, and injury-resistant bodies for pursuing their performance goals and sustaining health and strength over the long arc of their outdoor recreational journey.

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