The 2014 Grip List

Photo: Element FB

6. Element

When Element hit the scene a few years ago they concentrated on gym staples like jugs, edges and incuts. Their new Spawn series is a fantastic foundational set for gyms and their Elevation jugs set a new standard for what a comfy roof jug should feel like.  Though not every hold in their line is a gem it’s still easy to place large orders and get an assortment of quality shapes.

Though he’s been around the biz for years, Element lead shaper Tony Renaldo is quickly becoming one of the best shapers in the business and has been tapped by numerous other brands on this list. After nailing down the holds that every gym needs they have been expanding their line to include a few specialties like the Friction line of slopers (which most setters call “pillows”) and the Mercury pinches.

Hailing from Jasper, Georgia means you do business a bit different than other folks. Element does not wow you with their marketing or flashy website. They get you where they know you want to be got … in your budget. With many of the holds sold in groups of 8 for around $50 it’s easy to get a lot of holds on your wall for not much money. They also are constantly offering deals like their current 25% off Fall sale which makes it easy to stop by their website and pick a dozen or more holds.

Element has quietly amassed a following that has officially made them one of the top brands in America.

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