The 2014 Grip List

Photo: Voodoo Crew

8. Voodoo

“Where’s Voodoo, does anybody know where Voodoo is?” This is THE question that routesetters have been asking over the last few years. Well now there’s an answer. Voodoo holds have traveled from Flagstaff, Arizona to Chattanooga, Tennessee to open shop and begin again the awesome grip making that Voodoo is known for.

Why the move? Probably because the climbing is better in Chattanooga! Seriously, though, it’s because the grip side of Voodoo has grown up and moved out on its own. Mike Erhardt, Voodoo Sales Manager, told CBJ, “VooDoo Climbing is still one company and we are simply running the manufacturing side of it here in Chattanooga … both the holds company and the soft goods company will be working in conjunction under the umbrella that is Voodoo Climbing.”

All you setters that have missed the classic Voodoo shapes will not have to cry in your beer any longer. Erhardt told us, “We will be bringing back sets that haven’t been in production for many years as well as continuing those that helped establish Voodoo as a holds leader within the industry. We also will be developing new shapes, those will be featured in our 6-Pack a Month subscription plan.” The holds will be poured in-house with the original Voodoo urethane mix and the special Pure Base backing.

Voodoo will definitely be making a lot of holds this coming year as setters greedily buy up their favorite shapes from the past. But will Voodoo be able to keep the magic going with their new shapes? And will a new generation of setter be psyched about the old urethane mix? These are the questions that the new Voodoo will have to answer in the coming years. Our guess is that people will like what they find coming out of Chattanooga.

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