The 2014 Grip List


7. eGrips

Even though eGrips is one of the legendary grip makers in America, they continue to pump out new shapes that are the envy of new hold companies and the desire of routesetters everywhere. Their Bubble Wrap line of holds changed the world of shaping and is worth more than most company’s entire inventory.

Mostly known for their natural organic shapes like the Myorcan and Tribal series, eGrips is not one to rest on its laurels, and has been expanding their line to include simple functional shapes such as their Pure, Dimple Dot and Stealth series that are great for the comp setter or those wanting the perfect hold.

eGrips shapers and co-creaters, Ian Powell and Ty Foose, are still cranking out new shapes every month for First Dibs hold-of-the-month subscribers. In 2014 you can look forward to new features, roof jugs and added shapes to the Loaves and Classic Limestone families. Shaper Ryan Spence will also be bringing some of his magic to the Remarkable Rock series.

If every brand on this list were to emulate the professionalism (and not just the shapes) of eGrips they might just have a shot at becoming the next great hold company.

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