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Logistics Supervisor

Calgary, AB

“Duties and Responsibilities (Included but not limited to): Assist and supervise the tasks and responsibilities of your shipping and receiving staff. Tasks include: Order picking, product prepping, quality checking, crate building, padding project staging, purchase order receiving, forklift operating, cleaning & organizing, as well as other small tasks required to ensure the best possible product is offered to Flashed customers.”



How To Decline a Job Offer Due to Salary
By Jamie Birt

“If you apply to multiple jobs at once, you may receive higher offers from other employers. While these jobs may be more or less interesting depending on the other aspects of the positions, such as job tasks and growth opportunities, you may be more inclined to accept a higher-paying position. In some cases, your current salary may be higher than the rate hiring managers are offering, which you can use as a bargaining method or decline the offer and continue working in your current position until you find an offer with a higher salary.”

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FT = full time
PT = part time

Logistics Supervisor at Flashed Calgary, AB FT – other
Elite Team Coach at The Spot Louisville, CO PT – coach
Team Coach at Bliss Wichita, KS PT – coach
Head Routesetter at Inner Peaks Charlotte, NC FT – routesetter
Director of Franchise Operations at Gravity Vault Hoboken, NJ FT – other
Manager at Doylestown Rock Gym Doylestown, PA FT – manager
Program Coordinator at Doylestown Rock Gym Doylestown, PA FT – instructor, manager
Routesetter at Climb Gyms Middle TN FT – routesetter
Routesetter at Texas Rock Gym Houston, TX PT – routesetter
Lead Routesetter at Movement Arlington, VA FT – routesetter
Routesetter at Edgeworks Bellevue, WA PT – routesetter
Routesetter at Edgeworks Bellevue, WA FT – routesetter

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