Rockstar Volumes: Where Craving for Climbing Collides with Woodworking

Rockstar Volumes craftsman
A Rockstar Volumes craftsman “hard at play.” (All images courtesy of Rockstar Volumes)

It was Mark Twain who famously said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” With that said, you could consider our team hard at play, then…

Combining Passions

Our hard play started with a team of master woodworkers, each with a passion for rock climbing and experts at their craft. With access to a workshop filled with state-of-the-art equipment and CNC routers, it was only a matter of time before we began exploring the art of manufacturing volumes for climbing gyms. We stepped boldly into the 3rd dimension, getting creative with depth, design and shape, drawing inspiration from the places where we had climbed in our lifetimes—Rumney Rocks, the Red, Chattanooga, Red Rocks…

Rockstar Volumes woodworking shop
The state-of-the-art shop where the Rockstar Volumes team combines its passion for climbing and woodworking expertise.

By day, we designed, built and installed custom cabinets and built-ins. By night, we experimented with different volume finishes, ultimately settling on Gym Rock Lite―a durable, textured and highly-customizable paint offered by Rockwerx.

By day, we repaired and restored furniture and designed custom mouldings for our customers. By night, we discovered how varied bolt hole patterns not only made our volumes increasingly versatile, but also more secure for mounting.

And this was all just for the pure passion of woodworking and climbing.

Nothing like handcrafted products; the aesthetics, durability and security of Rockstar’s are loved by gyms across the country.

Handcrafting Rockstar Products

But true to Twain’s words, that passion ultimately translated into profit when we were discovered by several local climbing gyms. Soon, the Rockstar Volumes logo was imprinted on volumes in climbing gyms across the Northeast, and our woodworking products had become well-known for their aesthetics, durability and security.

Beyond our volumes, many climbing gyms discovered that our CNC routing capabilities were a perfect fit for gym decor and branding. The desk we built for Central Rock Gym’s Manhattan location is one of our proudest pieces.

CRG Worcester front desk
The custom-built front desk of the Central Rock Gym in Manhattan.

We also started manufacturing our famous Crash Couches, which have quickly become the lounge furniture of choice for local gyms and climbers alike. Our Crash Couch can be built to work with a wide range of popular crash pads, and we also partnered with Asana to offer crash pads specifically to go with our Crash Couch.

Crash Couch
Lounging on the famous Crash Couch, used in gyms and with homewalls alike.

Riding the Waves

But we didn’t stop at volumes or Crash Couches. When Covid-19 hit—and hangboards, holds and other home training gear quickly sold out en masse nationwide—we jumped on the opportunity to craft the Rock-Stah hangboard, our smaller and more portable hangboard the Maverick, and Pinch Blocks.

Rockstar Volumes hangboards
The Rock-Stah hangboard (left) and portable Maverick (right), helping climbers ride the waves of Covid-19.

And as climbers scrambled to gather the materials needed to build their own home climbing walls, we quickly realized that, well, we could just design and build those walls for them. So we did. The Rocket Wall and Rocketeer were built, and in such a way that would enable us to ship them anywhere in the lower 48 states. Rockwerx loved the idea and began to re-sell our Rocket Walls, and we’ve since shipped walls as far as California.

Rockstar's Rocketeer
Rockstar’s Rocketeer, shipping nationwide from Massachusetts to California.

So, what’s next for Rockstar Volumes? Who knows. The value of being a small shop gives us the flexibility necessary to respond quickly to changing trends and emerging needs. The world is uncertain right now, to say the least. We’ve made ourselves available to meet the training demands of climbers everywhere, whether they’re still staying at home or starting to get back out to the crag. Wherever you are, and whatever your climbing goals, we have a product that’s perfect for you. Shop our selection of gear online…or at least request a free sticker and rock the Rockstar Volumes logo on your Nalgene. All the cool kids are doing it…


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