Please join The North Face on Saturday, August 19th for the 7th annual Global Climbing Day

Global Climbing Day

Global Climbing Day

Global Climbing Day is an invitation to climbing. This year’s Global Climbing Day will focus on growing and diversifying the sport of climbing by increasing access and awareness to new gym climbers within metropolitan areas. The North Face will focus on highlighting gyms that are committed to lowering the financial barrier to entry. We plan to partner with gyms and specifically highlight those that offer pay-what-you-can (PWYC) or accessibility memberships, in hopes of supporting sustained climb participation and growth within their local communities.

We will communicate more of our activation details over the next month, but in the meantime would love more information on your gym’s current and/or future offerings, as well as your interest in hosting a GCD event at your gym. If you are a gym owner or decision maker, please complete the survey to give us a more comprehensive understanding of how we can grow these programs and become a resource in doing so for the climb community.

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