New Corp Identity for Ohio Gym


The team behind a central Ohio collection of climbing gyms has plans for additional expansion. To keep pace with their growth, they have decided to adopt a new corporate name to grow under, 5.Life.

Columbus-based Vertical Adventures first opened its doors in 1994 when Carrie and Alexis Roccos saw the need for an indoor climbing space for the vibrant midwestern climbing community. Finding a location near the Budweiser brewery, they got to work crafting and creating their own climbing walls and perfecting a climbing gym that has become their family.

In 2014, Vertical Adventures opened a 16,000 square foot space with 44-foot walls, 100+ roped routes, a full fitness gym, two bouldering areas, and a full retail area. The facility is focused on helping customers take their fitness to new heights and includes a full yoga schedule, adult programming, monthly events, and more.

2015 saw the transformation of the original space into the Training Center focused on youth programming and development. From pre-schoolers just learning to grab onto holds all the way to national-level competitive athletes, the experienced coaches at this facility work with kids to help build confidence and problem-solving skills both on and off the wall.

In 2018, the team took the sport into the city by opening a bouldering-only facility, Chambers in Grandview.

The new name pulls meaning from the Yosemite Decimal System. The 5 means the terrain is a rock climb and Life implies climbing as a life-long venture. The company hopes to continue to bring adventure, fun, community, and so much more to the new spaces they open in the Midwest. In the 25 years they have been in Columbus, OH they have already transformed the lives of so many.

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