New Florida Gym Introduces Many First-Timers to Climbing

Cornerstone opened approximately one month ago and, according to its founder, has already introduced a number of beginners to climbing. (All photos courtesy of Cornerstone's Instagram)
Climbing inside the new Cornerstone Rock Gym
Cornerstone opened less than a handful of months ago and, according to its founder, has already introduced a number of beginners to climbing. (All photos courtesy of Cornerstone)

Cornerstone Rock Gym
Glen St. Mary, Florida

Specs: 7,600-square-foot facility in northeastern Florida offers bouldering and rope climbing, including a section of autobelays. The facility also features a Ninja course, fitness equipment, and a party/event room.

The gym originated when founder Jered Bearden met Marc Heileman, owner of Treadstone Climbing in Columbus, Georgia. That meeting prompted discussions of building a new climbing gym in Florida. Heileman’s company—Treadstone Construction—eventually did all the design work for the facility that would become Cornerstone.



Treadstone Construction offers Kilter holds credit. So, the flooring was purchased through Kilter, which has begun offering a free flooring consultation service and draws from multiple suppliers for underlayment and finished flooring surfaces (as well as holds). A Kilter rep explained to CBJ that flooring and hold consultations can be bundled to include eventual holds credits and larger discounts from Kilter.

Cornerstone Rock Gym officially opened in December of 2020. “We are so excited to see families come out and have a great time together doing something most of them have never tried before,” Bearden tells CBJ. “We are really seeing how this place can be a real blessing to people.”

New Cornerstone Rock Gym facility exterior
The new Cornerstone Rock Gym in northern Florida—situated 30 miles west of Jacksonville—offers top rope climbing, bouldering, Ninja fitness and more.

Walls: Treadstone Construction
Flooring: Kilter
CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro
Instagram: @cornerstone_rock_gym

In Their Words: “Glen St. Mary, Florida, is home to us and we wanted to bring something unique to Baker County—population of 33,000—to help families live more active and healthy lives.”
—Jered Bearden, Founder

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