Walltopia Stories: A Virtual Exhibition

Khumbu Climbing Center
The Khumbu Climbing Center, located at 3,950 meters in the village of Phortse in the Nepalese part of the Himalayas. (All photos courtesy of Walltopia)

There is a company that is often featured in media articles with reported new world records or seemingly impossible builds in the Climbing and Leisure & Entertainment industries. That company is Walltopia – a brand name that can be seen all over the world across climbing gyms, adventure and amusement parks, shopping malls, recreational areas, ski resorts, schools and universities, hotels, military bases, and more. This year the company decided to share with the world the curious stories behind their projects that change the lives of so many people around the globe every day.

The company is inviting us to visit a virtual exhibition of selected photographic and video stories that present its most impressive projects created over the years and their fascinating behind-the-scenes moments.

The exhibition is available for virtual viewing on the company’s website at stories.walltopia.com.

Sender One LAX
Sender One’s LAX facility, which hosted the Pan-American Championships last year and will host a Paraclimbing World Cup in October.

“Walltopia Stories” discovers the projects that made Walltopia a world leader in the manufacturing of climbing walls and a leading manufacturer of active entertainment equipment for the global entertainment industry.

Walltopia has designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed more than 1800 projects in more than 75 countries on 6 continents. Some of the company’s clients include names such as National Geographic, DreamWorks, and Cirque du Soleil. The imagination and skills of the Walltopia people are the foundation of the company. Science and technology are their obsession. Being experts in high constructions, the safety of climbers and participants is always their primary thought. It is thanks to their employees’ passion for all of these that Walltopia creates unique products that have been setting the market trends for over 20 years.

Kletterzentrum Innsbruck
Kletterzentrum Innsbruck, which boasts 62,710 square feet of climbing surface according to Walltopia.

Among the projects presented in the virtual exhibition, you will find some of the largest climbing gyms in the world, the tallest climbing wall in the world, some of the largest ropes courses in the world, the Rollglider – an inspiring product that allows people to fly like birds – and many others. The tour will tell you the stories behind these memorable projects. Browse around and you’ll find out about a climbing wall in Israel that survived a terrorist attack, about how climbing changed the life of the Memphis community, and how Sherpas in the Himalayas learn to climb in the highest altitude gym, donated by Walltopia.

Enjoy the exhibition at stories.walltopia.com.


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