New Gym Has an Environmentally Conscious Mission

The parking lot of Contact Climbing, approaching its grand opening. (All photos courtesy of Contact)
Contact Climbing gym in Utah
The parking lot of Contact Climbing, approaching its grand opening. (All photos courtesy of Contact)

Contact Climbing Gym
St. George, Utah

Specs: The facility will feature mixed climbing, with a bouldering area with diverse features that measures approximately 3,000 square feet in size, and a roped area (approximately 52-feet in height) that measures approximately 15,000 square feet in size. The gym will also include a kids’ training area, a “multi-use room” (for parties, classes, meetings, and kids’ programs), showers, locker rooms, and water-bottle-filling stations. An amenity known as the “Yard” will be an open space (with WiFi) that offers seating, a slackline, and a grill amid desert landscaping.



Also noteworthy for the gym are a number of environmentally conscious considerations and features, including rainwater catchment for landscaping, low-water landscaping, xeriscaping, and paper-free bathrooms. “This is an ongoing initiative, and we’ll continue to invest to ensure we’re doing our part to positively affect our environment,” the gym’s manager and co-founder, Jacquelyn Horton, told CBJ.

Contact Climbing’s stated mission is: To cultivate and strengthen an active, inclusive, and sustainable climbing community. And the gym’s values include commitments to environmental sustainability and responsibility, the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive environment, and indoor and outdoor climbing education.

Murals at Contact Climbing
An Instagram post from Contact reads, “Our intention behind adding murals to our facility is to create a space comfortable enough to relax and gather in. A second home for our members.” The murals were done by artist Joshua Martel.

Walls: Vertical Solutions
Flooring: Habit
Instagram: @contactclimbing

In Their Words: “There are many reasons why we’ve decided to open a climbing gym but the main ones will always be to give back to the St. George community and to utilize our reach at the gym to contribute to the environmental stewardship and community aspects of the St. George climbing scene. We want to provide a space where new climbers can come to learn how to safely climb indoors and outdoors, as well as a space where everyone can come to gather, learn and grow. We want to help protect the crags and the vicinity and our hopes are that the gym will allow us to do just that.”
—Jacquelyn Horton, Manager and Co-Founder

Vertical Solutions